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Hunted by Denise Grover Swank
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Apr 11, 2012

really liked it
Read in March, 2012

Upon finishing Chosen…I immediately went to the author asking for the next book in the series. I just couldn’t imagine reading just one book-I HAD to get answers and I had to have a resolution. She kindly sent me the final two books in the series for review. Thank you again Denise!

Once again, Ms. Swank delivers a fast-paced thrill ride which wastes no time drawing your attention and keeping it. The story continues right from where it left off, however, the dimensions change and new characters are introduced. There are major insights for the female main character which pull you through the whole book.

The main female character finds herself facing new paranormal strengths and weaknesses. Her drive and determination never waver, yet she is continually surprised by her strength and downplays it. She rises out of a past of deceit and evil and pulls herself up to begin again and renew her sense of love and faith in others. She finally begins to trust.

At the same time, the character dynamics shift tremendously leaving everyone confused through most of the book. New characters are introduced who you will love to hate, yet complexities are renewed and expanded. Some will help her and some will tear her resolve apart. At times the main female character feels a bit off her game…she seems to lose her focus and her drive in this book. While she always regains it, it’s tough to watch her struggle as she’s always been driven and had such focus on her mission. She stumbles a bit in this book, but I believe she had to in order to make sense of the events taking place. I am confident in the third book she will regain her footing and again become the heroine we’ve all grown so attached to and in tune with.

As the second installment, it provides answers to questions you’ve had from the beginning but also poses new questions and the promise of answers in the final installment. Because of all the new questions, you remain completely vested yet never bored or feeling the plot line has become stale. It’s a great middle book in a trilogy. It moves you along, evolves the characters while the story becomes more complex, but leaves you excited for the final installment. This book is meant to have the substance and integrity to move you through the series to its conclusion.

At the end of Hunted, I was stunned. I never saw it coming. I am now faced with so many new questions and emotions I can’t even describe it. The third installment will obviously take on a whole new persona as things can NOT continue the way they have even if you want them to. Each book in the trilogy seems to have it’s own persona. I’ve never encountered that before. They each have their own purpose that while part of the “big picture”, has a life of its own right to the end.

Another smash hit by Denise Grover Swank!
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