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Blood Faerie by India Drummond
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Oct 01, 2012

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Eilidh is an outcast from her own family and kingdom of the faeries. While in her human city she meets a true druid named Quinton Munroe. Munroe is a police officer investigating a murder that looks odd even to the humans. Quinton is so entranced by Eilidh and her pointed ears that he can't stop thinking about her. When Quinton tracks her down, is when his druidness comes out. Eilidh helps him understand a little about what he is becoming. And during this time another murder is committed. Eilidh is forced to learn a forbidden path of the azure to help defeat whoever is killing the humans. Along with her discriminating partner Eilidh goes to other fae to learn her magic. She comes back as soon as she can to find that Quinton is one step ahead of her and goes into a trap with cousin heading it. His cousin is forced to do this only to die. Will Munrroe die too? Before Eilidh can do anything. Will their back up be able to help any with a powerful blood faerie? What about this blood bond will she go through with it? or will she tie herself with Munroe forever?

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