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Cults, Conspiracies, and Secret Societies by Arthur Goldwag
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Apr 11, 12

bookshelves: 2012

this is a guide with different groups/theories listed alphabetically. i decided to read it straight through like a novel. that's probably not the best approach, but i'm on a kick with this sort of thing right now for some reason.

anyway, this is for novice conspiracy aficionados, which suited my needs. don't expect long, digressive explanations, and don't expect to see everything under the sun represented (where for art thou, biggie-and-tupac???). do expect a readable overview and a few answers to some questions you've probably asked yourself but never bothered to answer - "what is the illuminati?" and what not. the tone is mostly ironic, though not overbearing or obnoxious. goldwag doesn't buy into much of what he summarizes, though he does express skepticism about the JFK murder. i've been reading some recent interviews with him on the web and he seems like an interesting guy. his new book is about the rise of far right conspiracies in america. i think i'm gonna check it out.

i came out of this book with two overarching thoughts about conspiracies in general: 1. they seem to often appeal to people with xenophobic fears pertaining to the changes brought on by globalization, with a particular panic surrounding anything secretive or diasporic. 2. a lot of cultish behavior and conspiratorial thinking strikes me as either explicitly, implicitly or subconsciously anti-semitic.

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