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The Freedom Manifesto by Tom Hodgkinson
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Apr 10, 2012

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Read in March, 2012

It's a good read. Some chapters are great and spot on, but on some I've felt like he was trying too hard to make a point and his views were just too out there for me, too radical. I would've liked a more grounded approach because some people (me) just aren't ready or don't want to committ to the level he expresses. But other chapters really spoke to me and I would recommend it in spite of the flaws stated before. Some of the things he said truly changed the way I face and live my life.

quotes that resonated with me:

1. "life is about recapturing lost freedoms."

2. "Feed your mind (...) Replace T.V. with friends and newspapers with books."

3. "Sometimes I think that life is becoming no more than staring at a screen. (...)
Work, rest and play: all involve staring at screens."

4. "I think one problem is that we have been brought up to believe in the idea of a job, a salaried position in which your money worries are taken care for you. We are dependent on employers. We do not have the freelance mindset which is so important to the freedom seeker, the mindset that tells you to llok after yourself."

5."Career is a path set down for you by some outside authority, whereas the truly free make their own path through the woods."

6. "Freedom, then, exists in a sort of spiritual selfsufficiency. The truly free do not join the chase for riches or for honours because they know that along that road lies slavery. The truly free fear nothing.

7. "(...) fear as a creative force rather than a creative one. Fear was not a reason to shrink away from living, as it is today, and to find solace in shopping and TV. Fear is a sort of humility. (...) acknowledge your fear and play with it, make use of it."

8. "You get so much more clarity about things. It's like fishing, you go beneath the surface and bring things back which are very useful. There'd be no Keat, Byron or Shelley if they'd been on Prozac. Society needs manic depressives, it needs people potholers, to bring back their treasures from the underworlds, and to polish them and turn them into things that are bautiful and glittering."
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