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Under Fire by Jo Davis
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May 30, 2012

really liked it
Read from May 25 to 30, 2012

** spoiler alert ** 4.5 stars

Whew I thought the first book was good, this one was even hotter! The characters are so vibrant and realistic. I love how you could literally feel every nuance and emotion they were going through. The continuation of previous characters into this book, with a solid plot leave you wanting more!

The mystery surrounding Cori Shannon and her stalker, along with the way she was so tied into Zack Knight and his whole life as it were, as he is living on the edge was an added, delicious bonus. My heart went out to Zack and I feared he would do something rash, but kept faith that he wouldn't.

The suspense of wanting to know more about Cori and her family, and about the money, and why she stays away from her family was killing me. I felt like I was watching parts of "The Sopranos" meets "Madmen".

Things start out with Zack literally selling off all his assets...(i.e house, bank accounts and everything of value), so that he can pay on his father's gambling debts to this big time loan shark. Zack's dad owes this man $750K, talk about a huge debt that no Firefighter could ever pay off in the time given. Zack is working himself in the ground, showing up late to shifts, getting distracted too easily, when one day he rear-ends an SUV that belongs to Cori Shannon. Cori gets out of her truck and is brisk with him, and when he checks her out, she throws it up in his face that he couldn't afford her services. Cori has come from a life of privilage and now is back in college finishing up her nursing degree, while also working as a high priced exotic dancer for hire! She has left an abusive marriage and left her family behind, as she doesn't want to be under the control of any man. Her family are a very powerful trio of brothers that own several Casino's in Atlantic City and they are ruthless to a fault.

When Zack arrives at the station after the accident, Sean who is the Captain chews him a new one. They have heated words and then are called out to a really bad accident at a bridge outside of town. When they pull up to assess things they realize there is a limited window to pull the SUV back that is now hanging over the edge of the bridge and is in the midst of being swept up by the raging flood waters. When Zack gets closer he sees it is the woman he was in the accident with earlier in the day. He jumps into her SUV to grab her and help her to exit the vehicle. Cori exits to safety, but the SUV breaks away from the bridge and goes into the river below with Zack still inside. Zack can't escape and literally dies, but is retrieved some minutes later and by the grace of God his team is able to get the water out of his lungs getting him breathing again. Zack is transported to the hospital and put in ICU where Cori and others wait round the clock from him to pull through. Zack spends several harrowing days clinging to life, but with Cori at his side he continues to improve and so their bond is formed.

Cori senses that he is without family, and lonely and having some problems, and when she offers to drive him to his apartment from the hospital to recover at home, he realizes he has an eviction notice on his door. To add injury to insult the landlord has sold off what little Zack had left, effectively leaving him with nothing. Cori who feels in awe, and indebted for her very life, invites Zack to come and stay at her house. She even goes and buys him some clothing to leave the hospital with. Upon pulling up to the long and winding driveway, Zack sees his old house. The house that he has put his heart and soul into that he was forced to sell to Mr. Delacruz so that he could pay down his fathers debt. His heart sinks, but he remains quite about this.

As Zack and Cori start spending time together, she opens up to Zack about her stalker and Zack starts to notice odd things going on, and then Zack is shot while standing at the kitchen window one evening. Again Zack finds himself in the hospital with Cori being connected to him being there.

Their relationship continues to grow, and she is keeping her secrets and he is keeping his, but she starts to let her guard down, and one thing leads to another. Cori and Zack start fooling around, when he admits that he has yet to have sex with anyone yet. They start off slow and within a few days Cori has claimed the position of Zack's first and only! She is enamored and can't believe her good fortune with having such a good looking, honest, and sweet man by her side...albeit he is several years younger than Cori, she finds herself falling hard for "Fireboy".

Bloody hell, when the sexing starts between these two it is like a four alarm fire to say the least. I can imagine how Cori's ego was bolstered by having such a hunky guy like Zack who was a virgin and knowing she is his first. What a huge turn-on, but couple that with his tall, dark haired, blue eyes and rippled six-pack, and a genius' IQ of 150 with being the man who has saved you from a near death experience, and you have a recipe for some steamy sex, filled with such intense emotions, that it is a wonder she can even think straight! Not to mention the heighted awareness shes always on because of a stalker who has shot out her tire on her SUV, and shot Zack. The rollercoaster of emotions run the gamut and things begin to unfold like a crossword puzzle as Zack realizes that the woman of his dreams is not only living in his house, but also is related to Delacruz and has Millions stashed in a Swiss bank account.

This book in the series has alot of romance and suspense that kept me on the edge of my seat, while wanting more....always more. As things unfold about Cori and Delacruz and how they relate to Zack it is explosive! The HEA and how we arrive at this is even better! If Jo Davis' writings are like this series all the time, then she has me as a fan for life! Perfect balance of romance, suspense and mystery, unexpected twist and turns, and not easily predictable make her writing exciting, and challenging. I've already gotten several other books in this series and will be reading the next one tonight!

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