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Austin by Linda Lael Miller
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Apr 10, 12

Read in April, 2012

I just finished the trilogy, and they were decent. I have to say the little stuff drove me nuts, though, in all three books. Overall, the stories were good, but sometimes the details are what make a good book a GREAT book. There were lots of little things in the books that didn't make sense, or weren't researched enough. Some examples:

In book number one, Libby decides to get on birth control after having sex for the first time without it with Tate. She calls up her doctor and he calls her in a prescription at the pharmacy, no visit needed. They have sex again with in a day or so of picking up the prescription, and she tells him they don't need condoms because she's on the pill, and miraculously it works.

In the last book, Austin has trouble reading because he's ADD. This one bugged me a lot because my son is ADD, and reads TWO grade levels AHEAD of the grade he's in. ADD doesn't mean you have trouble reading, it means you have trouble paying attention. Most people with ADD are extremely intelligent. In another instance, Paige has a broken ankle, but it's not the skirt she has trouble putting on, it's her sweatshirt, and then a little while later she has trouble putting on her nightgown. I never realized that having a broken ankle would limit your ability to use your arms. Little mistakes like that in all 3 books dumbed them down.

If a little more effort had been put into the details of these books, I think they would have been a lot better than they were, but they weren't totally disappointing.

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