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Ripper by Amy Carol Reeves
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Apr 23, 2012

it was ok

64% finished: not liking this one so much. at all, really. historical fiction with Jack the Ripper being the main historical figure mentioned, but not much else seems to fit historically or editorially. scenes are disjointed, reasons for the main female character having certain bits of information without actually discovering them in a normal sense are explained away with "I just knew it." not good enough for me; there could easily have been a situation that could have set her up to find something out a bit more realistically. that's it so far. i'm going to force this book down my mental gullet like cold and stale oatmeal, just to see if it improves.

100% finished: i went to bed last night with a lot of thoughts on this book, then woke up and started another that i like much better already. one of those thoughts is that, instead of taking creative license soooo much (see above), the author totally could have done a bit of backstory wiriting when bringing in how her main character was able to come to a certain conclusion. She could have done this to roraing success. as a matter of fact, with all the plot twists in this book that never got completely delved, she could have written about half a dozen books. with just those 2 added steps, i would have absolutely loved this story. without them, i swung between confusion to outright frustration and impatience.

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