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Memory of Morning by Susan Sizemore
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Apr 10, 2012

really liked it
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Read in April, 2012

This came to my attention when Estara recommended it, and I bought it having liked the sample Kindle chapters. What I got was a rather unexpected but enjoyable alternate-world historical fantasy, with a subtle thread of romance.

A few things did bother me - some slightly jarring too-modern thoughts from the heroine, a few e-formatting issues, and the names. Ah, the names - I could deal with the place names (Loudon instead of London, Ang for England etc), but did not care for Adrew (instead of Andrew) or any of the other slightly-altered English names. I think this goes back somewhat to the world-building aspect - I never got a reason as to why the names were what they were, and because they were so similar but awkward to pronounce, they occasionally came across as typos.

But obviously these weren't enough to pull me out of the story, which is a sign of how much fun I was having. Megere was an engagingly independent protagonist, her close-knit family very likeable, and the concept of corporate family charters with clear objectives translated to Regency(?) London fascinating. And while the romance was clearly signalled from the first pages, the process of getting there was just slow and behind-the-scenes enough to keep me engrossed.

I want more in this world*.

*Though I have purchased the related short story, My Dearest, and wouldn't really recommend as it's a rather short story for the price.
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Estara She did say she has ideas for two more books in this world - I guess since it is a departure in genre for her (I gather she is famous for paranormals and historicals) and she has self-published it, she first wants to see whether enough people buy the book and like it.
Glad to see you enjoyed it ^^.

Laura (Kyahgirl) Well, now you two have given it a nod, I'm going to have to try it. I've read a couple of her vampire books years ago and thought they were pretty good but a bit too much in the heaving bosom department. If she toned down the romance, I think I would enjoy her writing more. We'll see!

message 3: by Li (new) - rated it 4 stars

Li Estara - I did, so thanks for the rec! I'm not entirely sure if I have a bias against self-publishing though, but I did think it would be benefit from an(other?) edit. I suppose it would depend on the editor, but I've a nagging feeling that it would have resolved some of the issues I had and just made the story flow more smoothly. The eformatting thing was more annoying than anything else (having said that, I bought an NY-published book once that was so poorly formatted that I had to return it).

Laura - I've not read any of her books before, though her name is familiar. It's not a perfect read, but I found it enjoyable. The romance is not front-and-centre in this one, which is my favourite sort of romance.

message 4: by Estara (last edited Apr 14, 2012 01:28AM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Estara Actually I think quite a lot of books would do with tighter copy-editing (and quite a lot of books would do with a tighter general edit anyway) - but considering how small even the big six editor offices are these days, I'm just happy we get fairly readable books.

Or the writer has to be independently wealthy - there are quite a few very good cover artists (I mean Julie Dixon, who has done three covers for A. Höst, won a Chesney Award last year, from what I remember) and good freelance editors out there - you need to have the money and time to invest so they work for you.

This book even names an editor right at the start - and if you think about it the only thing that I found wonky was the paragraph formatting for dialogue - I wouldn't be surprised if that came via Smashwords into the Kindle book, etc.

message 5: by Li (new) - rated it 4 stars

Li I obviously missed the mention of an editor! I agree self-publishing doesn't seem to be a cheap route, not if you do it properly. And I do like the covers Julie Dixon has done - not surprised she has won awards.

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