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First Comes Love by Katie Kacvinsky
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I had the impression that this was an emotional book when I first saw the blurb. But turns out it was actually the opposite. Because not long after I started reading the book I find myself laughing with the characters. It was actually a fun, sweet and highly amusing read. And although that may sound like this is just an ordinary light and fluffy read this book never lacks the depth most emotional books carries. It was delivered in a way that would make you think and understand life lessons and insights easily without having to feel and encounter intense or sad emotions. And Katie Kacvinsky really did an amazing job in doing that.

The characters in this book are just really remarkable. I adore Gray and Dylan. They're both relatable and genuine characters. Dylan is a very interesting girl. She's fun, does a lot of random things, and could be really weird and crazy most of the time but in a really good and refreshing way. Gray was a very real and lovable character. His problems and the emotional baggage he carries forced him to close himself to other people. He built up walls around himself and kept people at arm’s length and thought that he would never need anyone. Not until he met Dylan and his walls started coming down.

Although this was narrated in both povs of Gray and Dylan, I think the story focused more in Gray's development and growth and how upon meeting Dylan everything started to change in him. His pov, even with all those things I describe about him that would make you think he's an emotional or fragile kid, was actually very fun to read. I had a lot of laughs with his thoughts and idea and I just love the realness and honesty with it. Here are some of Gray's lines I really loved:
“First I thought she was crazy. Now I'm crazy about her.”

"She smirks as she applies some Chap Stick to her lips. I'm jealous of Chap Stick."

"We slump down on the leather couch and contemplate what to get my mom. Well, she contemplates what to get my mom. I contemplate kissing her."

"I turn the light off and catch my trophies out of the corner of my eye and I think of all the award I would give to her. Best Kisser. Best Lips. Best Everything."

It was amazing to see the story of these two different people unfold. How they first met, how their relationship grew from companionship, to friendship then lovers. How both their characters and personalities developed through each other, how they discovered things and how their take and perspective in life changed after meeting each other. Kate Kacvinsky wrote it in a way that is just so utterly endearing and so natural with the right mix of humor and fun.

Their love story didn't come easy, there were ups and downs too especially coming from their differences and different goals in life but through with that they were able to realize what they really wanted, what to do with their feeling, decide and take chances and make everything work. The ending felt like a bit cut short for me or maybe it's just me wanting more. But really, I wouldn't mind if this was longer. I would be more than happy to see more of Gray and Dylan's story.

To conclude, this was such a fun, sweet but also really insightful read. I laughed a lot with Gray and Dylan and was touched by their relationship and how they overcome problems through the help of each other. And yes, of course I swoon a lot with them too, there were some pretty hot moments actually here that I, of course, devoured. And just to tease you, I'll leave you a quote from one of those moments:
"I take a step toward her and reach out to take the warm, damp washcloth from her hand. It has smears of makeup all over it. I stare down at her soft lips, puffy from all the scrubbing, and hesitantly run my thumb across them. I feel Dylan shudder when I touch her. Or maybe it's me. I hold her face in my hand and look in her eyes and she offers me the smallest grin, and that's all I need. My eyes fall back to her lips. They look warm and soft and inviting..."

So there it is, if you want more of swoon-worthy and hot moments I recommend you start reading this now! LOL! Read this! :D

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Quotes Eunice Liked

Katie Kacvinsky
“Lying is manipulation. I prefer to call what I did ‘improvisation in times of desperation.”
Katie Kacvinsky, First Comes Love

Katie Kacvinsky
“If you're lucky enough to fall in love with someone, then forget about your imperfections. Because in their eyes, you're perfect. You won't get anywhere in life until you let go of your stupid ego.”
Katie Kacvinsky, First Comes Love

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message 1: by Aa'Ishah (new) - added it

Aa'Ishah Yay, I look forward to reading your review! :)

Eunice Yay! Thanks A. :))

Sharlaine I thought the same way Eunice!!! I was hoping the moment will last a bit longer but next thing I knew I'm almost at the end. :) Good thing you loved this too, I really enjoyed reading it:)

Eunice Yep, the ending was sweet (view spoiler) But I'm satisfied, nonetheless. Hehe! :D

Sharlaine me too!! I was like, ok so that's it? keeps me wanting for more but since I liked it very much I'd let go of my frustrations haha:))) i'll be waiting for your full review Eunice.

Eunice Haha! Same here! Thanks Sharlaine. ^^

♥Rachel♥ Oh I can't wait to see your review, Eunice. I've been wanting to read this. :)

message 8: by Aa'Ishah (last edited Jul 20, 2012 12:43PM) (new) - added it

Aa'Ishah This sounds like such a gorgeous read! After reading Awaken, I've been wanting to read this as well. I'm glad that this is deep and that the characters are well-rounded with some amazing character growth. Beautiful review, E! :)

Eunice @A: Thank you! I didn't realize that this was from the same author of Awaken until I reach the end of the book where there was a free 1st chapter of Awaken. Haha! Hope you can read this soon, A! I really had a lot of fun reading this! You're gonna love Gray! XD

@Sam: The cover and the blurb really led me to believe that this was an emotional book but even though I was sort of misled I'm really happy with how it turned out. Thank you, Sam! :)

message 10: by Aa'Ishah (new) - added it

Aa'Ishah Lol, aww! Me too! I just tried searching for it online and I can't find it. Oh well, guess I'll just have to wait lol. Ooh, really? From what you've said about him in your review, I'm sure I will. <3

♥Rachel♥ Eunice!!! I must read this immediately if not sooner! Your review is amazing! I'm so glad to find out that this isn't and overly emotional book. I like emotional books but they always make me a little nervous when I start them. I LOVE your quotes!!

Eunice Eep! You do that, Rachel!! This is definitely a fun read and I'm sure you're really gonna love this one. This is so your kind of book! Hope you really like this as much as I did! Thanks Rachel! :D

message 13: by Jasprit (new) - added it

Jasprit I've said this already, but this is a brilliant review Eunice, are you and Rachel forming a secret group, which makes us throw our reading schedule out the window with these awesome teasing quotes? Because you're sure making me want to do it! ;)

Eunice Haha! No secret groups yet but maybe we could start one. I just realized how effective these teaser quotes are! Thank you, Jasprit! This book is a freaking quote itself! And everything was just so darn cute, I so wanted to share it to everyone! LOL! Hope you can get into this one soon. :D

message 15: by Anna (new) - rated it 5 stars

Anna The quotes are so cute, and I doubt the book is too. Very great review, Eunice! :)

Eunice Thank you, Anna! You should pick this up too. :D

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