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Watching the Clock by Christopher L. Bennett
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May 09, 12

bookshelves: science-fiction, time-travel, star-trek
Read from April 09 to May 09, 2012

I normally hate attempts to retcon a long list of inconsistencies into a coherent storyline, such as the execrable final season of Enterprise or the big reveal in season four of Angel, but Christopher Bennett does a fine job of fitting Star Trek's many contradictory accounts of time travel together while handwaving away the numerous plotholes, including the end of "Tomorrow Is Yesterday." For that alone he has my admiration.

The story follows various members of the Department of Temporal Investigations as they investigate various temporal anomalies while dealing with the uptime factions of the Temporal Cold War. Most prominently featured are Lucsly and Dulmur, introduced as joke characters in the DS9 episode "Trials and Tibble-ations" but here expanded into real characters. There's also Teresa Garcia, your standard issue reader-proxy newb whose main job is to have things explained to her, and a handful of other agents.

The book gets off to a slow start thanks to Teresa needing huge infodumps, and the actual plot doesn't get moving until almost a third of the way into the book, but once the real story gets going, it's an exciting ride.

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