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The Siren's Cry by Jennifer Anne Kogler
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Apr 09, 12

Rating: 2/5

Unbeknownst to me, there is actually a book prior to this one and The Siren’s Cry is the second novel of the series. It’s no one’s fault but my own… that I didn’t check to see if it had any others before it and I relied on the book to tell if it had one before it or not because usually there’s a page that lists other books by the author or lists previous books in the series. With that all said, this book could hold its own weight as a single book. The prologue gave enough details to the prior book and the events that took place in this book was central in of themselves. I admit I may be slightly harsh in my rating but I can’t bring myself to make up any excuse for raising the points.

I’ll start with the good. The story/plot was good. It was interesting enough, but the whole school field trip thing and setting just didn’t sit with me. Part of it was I didn’t feel like I was there in those places. Kogler gives enough details to paint a vague picture but that’s it. I tried not to take this book seriously… as in similar to being lifelike or possible of being lifelike vampires and all, but still some things were so cheesy I couldn’t do it. Now, if the whole thing reeked of cheese I could handle it cause it would be consistant but it wasn’t.

The characters. They were interesting. Not quite round though… nor flat either. Somewhere in-between and I think this is what irritated me the most. I wanted to venture in further, wanted to see them more but the characters were kept at a distance. Throughout the entire time I felt like I was spying on them through a fortune teller crystal or something. I can see and hear what they were doing but I couldn’t feel much of anything. Those instances when Fern was worried about her friends or Miles or Mr. Lin I didn’t empathize or sympathize with her at all. I was told she was worried and it moved on. Because of this the bad guys didn't feel bad too… just kind of cliched. They were bad because Fern had to have a “rival” and an obstacle. The only person I thought was well done was Candace. So that said, Kogler could do better cause the proof is litter throughout the book. It’s just not completely there.

This next subject is more a thought rather than a rating of the book. Fern is a seventh grader, which would make me think this book is for the tween crowd (9-13 year olds), and with that in mind I could see the reasons why Kogler wrote the way she did, but in my mind it also not an excuse (which I doubt Kogler was using), I just think it strange that many places are categorizing this book as young adult when it’s not.

Overall, this book was clearly not in my tastes. I can see others enjoying it more. The writing was okay. It wasn’t bad or sub par, just the writing style didn’t add any character or life to the story. There’s a story here and it was told, easy as that.

Verdict: Not for me. I won’t read the first book though I may read a later book just to see where the story goes and to see if there’s any improvements.

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