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May 22, 2012

it was amazing
Read in April, 2012

London made me break a BIG rule. As you know I don't review self-published books. I was a little nervous when I found out it was self published. The thing was... London had been so nice to me on Twitter! I would have felt extremely bad if I had said no! So I gave in and decided to read his book!

The book switches back between Kelsie and Drake, which I love! Inthis case you discovered what Kelsie was thinking and what Drake was thinking. I feel this was key in the book as you needed to feel what certain people were thinking at certain parts.

Secondly, this book has great history... Again another thing I was like "eh" about. If you know me I hate social studies. I love my teacher, just hate the subject. (I really only like math) When I saw in the synopsis it said it was placed eighty years after World War III it almost turned me off. This book is not all that historical thought. Well, it is but it was blended into the book extremely well. You couldn't tell!

Thirdly, I know this book isn't realistic fiction, which caused me to be hesitant but I actually thought that it was written like that! It had some-what realistic events tied in with the fantasy perspective. This made it a better read for me, and for people who don't like the fantasy type books, this would be perfect for you!

And finally... The ROMANCE!!! Kelsie and Drake are amazing characters. They fit seemingly into the book. Throughout they had a relationship that was blooming. They had been friends since youngsters and as they became older they became aware of each other and their actions towards one another. The relationship kept me wanting to turn the pages (and some late nighters) to see what was going to happen next!

I highly recommend this book for all! I was always on my toes to see what was going to happen next!

Because London is so kind, he agreed to do a guest post/interview!

Where did you get the idea for Whisper Walker?

I had a daydream where I was re-living through a night-game my buddies and I had played in High School. This particular game was at an old WW II leftover fort built on the island I grew up on. I knew the fort inside and out, or so I thought. But when it's pitch black and you don't have a light or anything, everything is different. Basically, I got turned around in my head and fell into an old ammunition elevator shaft.

In the darkness of the pit, I was surrounded by debris and whatnot and my imagination went crazy. That was how the first scene for Whisper Walker came about. The dream, that is. Not way back when it actually happened.

Do you relate to any of the characters?

I started out relating to Drake, a little. The whole realizing that he was crazy about his best friend in a world that basically forbade unsanctioned love kinda felt like my teenage years. But then the similarities ended and now I guess I relate more to Kelsie. Except for being, you know, a guy. :)

Why did you decide to self- publish the book?

I have been following the politics of the publishing industry fanatically for the last couple of years and not been really happy with what I've seen. The authors get screwed more often that not in many ways including the shrinking advances and crappy royalty rates. A debut author will get no publicity budget at all most of the time and then, even though your book is getting no "push" by the publisher, when your sales are subpar they will write-off the book and your writing career is pretty much done then and there. So as a debut, you have to handle all of your own advertising and social media presence and other publicity things all on your own, while still getting a low royalty, no control over the cover art, and locked into a nasty "exclusivity contract" (where you give them first rights to your subsequent projects and if they don't want them but say they want them, they can sit on them and keep you from releasing the books to any other publisher for the duration of your contract even though they have no intention of publishing them.)

In short, indie publishing allows me as much control as I could ever want. I still have to do all the same publicity stuff that the traditionally published author would do, but this way I am free and get a much higher royalty rate and can submit any story I want to whomever I want. I get limited on a lot of things since some self-pubbed authors have given the rest of us a bad rep, and it's a challenge to break the stereo-type. But it just means I work harder to impress.

What are the plans for the future?

Book plans for future...Well, I'm planning on two sequels to Whisper Walker. I left a lot of things open in it since it's a novella and now I receive copious quantities of emails demanding answers. Of course, those emails leave me titillated that people are wanting answers. So I am about halfway through writing WW #2 –not the title, obviously. I also have two other projects going. One is a Paranormal Romance, (though I'm not sure it will be YA) and the other is an Urban Fantasy.

Quick Favorite Round-

Book: That's hard. I tend to like many different books for only little snippets in them, rarely for the whole book. If I had to choose only one, I'd say FROSTBITE of the Vampire Academy Series by Richelle Mead.

Movie: Failure to Launch. It seriously hurts my image to list a Rom-Com, but I'm not kidding when I say I've seen the movie at least a hundred times.

Song: This goes back to the hard to choose thing. I like a little of lots. I can name a favorite band more than I can a song. For band, it would be Blink-182. Or The Rocket Summer, or Relient k, or A Day to Remember, or Atreyu...Well, looks like I failed at narrowing that down to a single also.

Color: Blue. Or dark green. It depends on what it's on. Like cars – I like silver. Eyes – I like green. Clothes – blue. Ya know. I just don't have a single answer for many things. I hate making decisions. I can tell you that the number one most hated color to me is red. No joke. The irony? Yeah, my pickup is red. BRIGHT red. Like burn-your-eyes-if-you-look-at-it-for-too-long kind of red.

Word: That one is easy. "Loquacious". Ever since Emma Watson used it in the Goblet of Fire I've kinda been addicted to it.
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