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Beloved Vampire by Joey W. Hill
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Apr 09, 2012

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Read in January, 2010 — I own a copy

please do not skewer me but this is my first time reading material from this author. I purchased this book based on the glowing reviews I read here on this very forum. Maybe I set my expectations too high but goodness this book took up 10 hours of my life that I will never get back! the story itself was promising but it took every ounce of restraint in me to NOT skip any pages, convincing myself I would miss crucial information. The pace of this book was entirely too slow for my liking. I felt like Hill, was hammering home the main point relentlessly. I felt like yelling I get it! Jessica is damaged goods, Mason lives in a private hell...Let's move on! In retrospect that is the definition of insanity and clearly our heroine was in its deepest depths. Truth be told, this is a story that should have been summed up in 300 pages. It was just too longwinded for my taste. the ghost of Farrida for example, should have been exorcised a long time ago instead, her ghost dogs the footsteps of our hero and heroine making me question if either of them truely believes they have moved on from their tragic circumstances given the fact that our heroine tends to recite Farrida's words verbatim at every turn. Yes the message is conveyed that over time she will reclaim herself, mind body and soul but as it stood in the novel,I thought it too soon for her to make such a level of commitment to Mason only a few months after escaping the mouth of hell. I still felt the Stockholm syndrome was very much still in play w/ their romance despite the author's efforts to dispell it. Actually, I blame the author because she lingered in that world for 3/4s of the book making it impossible for anyone to buy into Jessica's (our heroine) "growth" from her harrowing experience. It all came across as too rushed in the end. the last 25 pages breaking away from the rest of the novel in a dead sprint that made me wonder why the hurry? I envisioned her editor signalling her to "wrap it up"
With that said, I do so look forward to reading the Vampire Queen's Servant. Lyssa and Jacob's story sounds interesting to say the least. If however, the writing drags as this one does, I doubt I will read another Joey Hill book and will stick with JR Ward instead.
Just a last FYI, if you do NOT possess a submissive personality, this book will grate your nerves. Maybe that's why I think I'll enjoy Lyssa's book. She reads as a very tough no nonsense type that doesn't mince words, stating what she thinks and moves on.

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