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Eden's Root by Rachel Fisher
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Sep 27, 12

really liked it
Recommended for: If you like dystopian reads, you'll find this one refreshing!
Read from July 11 to 16, 2012 — I own a copy , read count: 1

My favorite thing about Eden's Root is the circumstances around which the apocalypse happened. It wasn't the plan of evil governments, it wasn't bombs or volcanoes. It was - quite simply - man's greed. Scientists had, for centuries, cross-bred plants and animals and added pesticides and preservatives, convinced that they were helping to make more food to end hunger. Instead, all the blind tinkering with food sources led to all the plants and animals quickly dying (resulting in a famine) and many people becoming Sick with cancer and other diseases. The most chilling thing is... the logic's really convincing. We know scientists have added all these things to our crops, this frightens people enough that they are willing to pay much more for "organic" food. So it's not difficult to take that leap and believe that some harm could come of this food. And Rachel Fisher, well, she could probably make me believe anything. =)

I was planning to give Eden's Root three stars for the first half of the book. Why? Because the author felt the need to describe Every. Single. Event. Seriously, I had to read every discussion Fi had with her dying father, every part of her training, and after the apocalypse, so much of the trek was described in excruciating detail. Okay, maybe I'm being too hard on the first half. It wasn't excruciating, but I can tell you, I was BORED. But then, Fi and Asher met. The tone of the novel suddenly changed. Things started actually happening. The story went at a much faster pace. I could sense hope in the characters, especially Fi. It's like Asher came and revived them all. There were fights and deaths and joy and grief - a whole depth of emotion and that's when I got hooked, baby!

First half, I didn't like Fi. Not at all. She was so domineering! How did the adults handle following her? A person's level of preparation for the apocalypse doesn't automatically qualify her as Leader, but Fi leaves the Family with no option. It's like: "Here, become part of my Family and obey me no matter what with me as Leader and I'll protect you. Otherwise, go away." It worked out well in the end, but that's not the point. The fact that she could be so undemocratic in that matter made me think she was insensitive and I didn't care for her. As soon as she met Asher though, she completely changed. She was... fun! She finally started letting her emotions show and she started joking around more; thank goodness, because it was getting a little dull reading about a stoic survivor. Despite her unemotional attitude, I deeply respected her as a character. She was, without a doubt, a more-than-capable Leader and a formidable opponent in a fight and you just have to admire a 14-year-old who shuts off her grief and trains so hard for a year that she can successfully lead a group of 15 or so people across who-knows-how-many miles to safety.

Asher I pretty much loved from beginning to end, no question. I think it was the sword as a weapon of choice that did it. He can be my book boyfriend!

Yes, there's a love triangle, but I loved the romance in this book anyway. It's a nice distraction from the extremely depressing conditions of Fi's world. I don't want to give anything away, but it's not a love triangle in the tradition sense, with two boys vying for the girl's heart. It's better. A lot better and so much more aww-worthy!

Rachel has studied biochemistry and biogeochemistry and other unpronounceable courses, she is now a nutrition expert and truly knows what she's talking about. She always is a bit of a word nerd and has a certain way with words. This fearsome combination makes for a book with a dynamite plotline. In her story, you can get the actual scientific reasoning behind the apocalypse in such a simple and interesting way, you actually understand and start to believe in it. I think Rachel would make an fantastic teacher.

UPDATE (9/27/12): Aargh! I hate when this happens! I fell in love with this cover and it turns out the girl was just a stock photo, plus the added background. Check it out for yourself:
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07/11/2012 page 35
9.0% "It’s time to explore your flair for the dramatic and put it to the test.”
Not something a dying dude would say... Amazing apocalyptic idea, but not a good execution"
07/12/2012 page 75
20.0% "She started training and developing muscles...her best friend noticed and her own mother didn't? No matter how sick she is..."
07/12/2012 page 78
21.0% "“You always think that you will fight,” the man in the film had said, referring to his kidnapping by the FARQ in South America. “You think that you will grab someone’s gun and blast your way out…or run off and escape when they aren’t looking,” he’d said. Asher remembered the sadness, the helplessness in his voice. “But actually what most people do is whatever they are told.” As he walked in solitude Asher realize"
07/12/2012 page 80
22.0% "Fi's so domineering! How do the adults handle following her? Besides, your preparedness doesn't automatically qualify you as leader, and she leaves no option. Here, listen to me no matter what and become part of my Familyand I want to be a Leader. Also, they use the words Family and Leader way too much"
07/12/2012 page 150
40.0% "Finally! Ashton! Hope! I was wondering what was happening with him..."
07/13/2012 page 160
43.0% "No, it isn't him. Dang it."
07/13/2012 page 187
50.0% "Gosh, finally. Now the real story can start."
07/14/2012 page 232
63.0% "As soon as she met Asher though, she completely changed. She's... fun now! She's finally letting her emotions show, because it was getting a litle dull reading about a stoic survivor."
07/14/2012 page 280
75.0% "Finally! They're here! Eden! Well... now what?"
07/14/2012 page 320
86.0% ""Topside"
They used that same word in Enclave."
07/14/2012 page 350
94.0% "It can't stay that great or there'd be no story... but what else can happen?"
07/15/2012 page 370
100.0% "Aaah! So another long, dangerous trip then, I'm guessing?"
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