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Taken at Dusk by C.C. Hunter
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Apr 12, 2012

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I never really liked this series. The characters never really captivated me, and some parts of the books are just so darn boring. Yet, I decided (for some strange reason) I had to continue on reading this series, just so I could say I read them all. It's not that I despise it, it just doesn't hold my attention. Oh, and can I say how much I despise this love triangle? Ugh.

I don't like Kylie. So for me to not like the main character and narrator, it brings the rating down to a 3. She's kinda wimpy, and although some of her dialogue it really funny, I don't love her. There weren't any chapters that really made her seem like a tough-as-nails kind of girl. Saying as she was mostly sobbing throughout the entire thing. But whatever. I don't like her. End of story.

Kylie would definitely be better off with Derek. Lucas kind of scares me. But anyway...

As I said above, Derek is my favorite. And since this book is mostly based around Kylie & Lucas, I didn't enjoy as much as Awake at Dawn. Lucas kind of creeps me out. Yeah, he's sweet and oh-so-swoon-worthy at some points, whatever. He should go run off with Fredericka (she's such a witch!) somewhere and get on with his life.

Now Derek on the other hand, is adorable. He's so caring, and besides that little "mix up" with Ellie, I loved reading about him. I loved him in the last book. I loved him in this book. I love him! He's so perfect! Why the heck would Kylie even think about dating another guy? And I know, it says that her and Derek weren't actually dating, but puh-lease. They were basically together oh, I dunno, all the time? And doing what, may I ask? Not just hand-holding, if ya know what I'm saying ;D OH and the ending. How swoon worthy was that? And so perfect. AH PERFECT. Ok enough about him :3

Oh, I don't really like Holiday. Am I wrong for saying that? She irritates me.

There really weren't any good action scenes. Not even any little disputes. I mean, there was one argument with Fredericka & Kylie, but that hardly counts. I liked the Jane Doe/ghost thing. That was cool. Ehh whatever. All in all, I don't really have anything good to say about this, so I'll just shut up now. Sorry for the totally sucky review, but I kind of just blew through the last 100 pages to get this book over with because Prized is waiting to be read :D Also, I was bored. OHZ KAY KAY.

Bye for now!

-missrosey :)

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message 1: by Whoever (new)

Whoever When i read the summary, i was not sure if i would like it. and after reading your review, i totally don't want to read this book.

Julie Yeah, don't lol. In my opinion, it's not really that good. :)

message 3: by Whoever (new)

Whoever Juliette wrote: "Yeah, don't lol. In my opinion, it's not really that good. :)"

okay, i won't. thank you for the review and a reply to my comment! =D

message 4: by Hannah (new)

Hannah Im sorry but if y didn't like the book why bother reading it? And how IS it Ur place to tell people not to read a book they might really enjoy?

Julie I already read the first two books (well, three, including this one) so I'm going to finish the series. I already made it halfway, and these books are light reads. It's not my place, I was asked for my opinion, so I gave it. And if you looked at my review, I never said I hated this book, I gave it three stars. Sorry if I annoyed you, oh and also, this is one of my older reviews too, ahaha. :) (I think I've changed a bit :P)

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