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City of Fallen Angels by Cassandra Clare
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First off, I'm a little biased because I have thought this series has been going downhill since book two, with more and more wangst and "What the Hell, Hero?" every single book.

I'm going to tell the truth. I only read this book because (view spoiler).

And he does. In the last... 20 pages of the book? The rest is soap-opera filler. And not even a compelling soap opera. Just more angst, from more characters, for less understandable reasons (Jace, get over yourself). Less character consistency (Clary describes herself as a tomboy. Even though she is most clearly not). And more heros recieve a "What are you even doing?" from me.

This series has become a very obvious cash cow. And, you know what? Good for Ms. Clare. However, if you're looking for a book with a compelling and fast-moving plot and characters that don't whine about first world problems all the time/have some sort of depth to them, don't even bother.

**just a note: I actually found myself sympathizing with Clary (I know, CLARY) this time around. Becuase Jace whines so much, and brings up things that shouldn't be problems, and then makes it a problem, and then whines some more about how it is a problem. I DON'T SYMPATHIZE FOR THOSE WHO CREATE THEIR OWN PROBLEMS OUT OF IDIOCY. So shut up and go make-out with Clary or something. Preferable away from me. And let Magnus and Isabelle become the main character. Because then I would care.

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