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Alice in Zombieland by Gena Showalter
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Sep 09, 12

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LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL! Sweet Jesus, Ali is not your typical sit-back-and-take-it heroine -- she's wild for a girl who looks like a doll, and I SERIOUSLY LOVE THAT. Go kick some invisible zombie butt, Ali! (: ♥


Alice in Zombieland is, quite frankly, not what I was expecting. It's BETTER. It ROCKS. It totally KICKED ASS, which I guess should've been expected of a Gena Showalter book incorporating zombies into my favourite childhood story. I always used to want to go to Wonderland before, but screw that now -- one ticket to the kick-ass world of Alice's Zombieland, please!

This book starts off with a bang -- and I mean that literally. Ali's crazy dad, her adorable little sister, and her loving mother are all taken away from her in an instant where she learns that maybe her certifiable father wasn't so insane after all. Then she moves in with her grandparents, becomes BFFs with the hilariously amazing Kat (BEST BEST FRIEND EVER, NO JOKES), and meets Cole.

Now this is where I fell in love.

Cole is the leader of the school gang, a total badass, and extremely irritating to Ali -- especially when she realizes that his gang kills zombies instead of act broody without reason. Except these zombies aren't like what you'd expect. They're invisible to those who can't see them (like Ali couldn't before the accident), so there are only a select few who are equipped to fight them. He proves his worth a million times when he kills zombies, protects Ali, and puts up with her stubborn streaks like a guy with a gold medal in the PERFECT BOOK BOYFRIEND category.

(And I know that many people find possessiveness unattractive in a male protagonist, but I LOVED how protective he was of Ali! You could easily see how much he didn't want her hurt, how much he wanted to protect her -- yet at the same time, he couldn't exactly deny her the chance to fight the monsters that murdered her family. Especially after she proved that she was ass-kickingly worthy of being the heroine of this novel, too. They were a perfect, sizzling, and amazing duo!)

What I love about Ali is that she wants to help out almost immediately. She takes the risk of learning to sword-fight and hunt like any self-respecting heroine would -- even when she faces with death more than her fair share of times.

What I love even MORE about Ali is her snark. Seriously. I think ALL of my favourite characters possess hilarious snark of some kind, and Ali has definitely got some of the funniest wisecracks in book history!


Kaylee's Conclusion...

Alice in Zombieland is A HUNDRED out of A HUNDRED shades of awesome, and FIVE out of FIVE shining stars of rewarding greatness. The beautifully fitting cover, the sexy yet sweet romance, and the powerful storyline full of many twists and turns make it a book that I feel EVERYONE needs to own!

So what's stopping you? I want no excuses -- this book is a MUST on your buy lists for this fall! (:



Cole cupped my cheeks and brought my gaze back to him. "Why wouldn't I dance?"

Uh, maybe because at first glance he looked like he ate puppies for breakfast and kittens for lunch? As for what he enjoyed having for dinner -- that couldn't be discussed in polite company.

"Because you think it's dumb?" The words emerged as a question rather than the statement I'd meant them to be.

"Something that allows a guy to put his hands all over a girl isn't dumb. It's genius."

(quoted from the ARC)
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Monika Main character sounds absolutely fantastic. Lovely review:)

Kaylee Magic Since you recognize Ali's badassness as a good thing,I think you're pretty fantastic too! Thanks, Monika (:

Delaney Oh, gosh! Nobody said the heroine was badass!!! Sign me up! XD

Kaylee Magic That's something I didn't expect either! Regular Alice from Wonderland was just a sweet and innocent girl, but here she doesn't sit back and let others fight her battles for her -- five guesses to which I prefer LOL (; Def give this a shot, CHOMP!

Delaney I know! I'm begging for it!

Kaylee Magic I'd say ask Santa, but this kind of comes out before then LOL

Delaney My b-day's coming up. :) You know what that means. XD

message 8: by Sonia (new) - added it

Sonia Kaylee, you don't blog, do you? I am so IN LOOOOVE with this review! <3 Thanks for getting me about a BILLION times more excited! :)

Kaylee Magic LOL Mimi tells me the same thing! I wanttowantto start one up soooo bad, but I'm probably the least best about commitment and wouldn't be able to post every day (': But you are SWEET SWEET SWEET, Sonia, and a TOTAL self-esteem booster! Thank youuuuu, babe <3

BTW: Love your pic!! God bless the Hufflepuffs ;)

message 10: by Sonia (new) - added it

Sonia Mimi's a smart girl ;) And who cares about posting every day? You could post once a week and we'd still all be flailing and excited every time it happened! <3

I love yours toooo! :D I've always been so obsessed with rainbows. And are you a Hufflepuff too?!

Kaylee Magic I know; I miss her. <3 Maybe some day I'll make a blog and stalk yours in return (;

HELL YES I'm a Hufflepuff!! One, the name is so amazingly awesome. And two, I don't think I'd be able to fit into any other House LOL. (Oh, and three: I love badgers!!) My pic is of onigiri because I'm in love with Japanese anime and loooooooooove fuzzy rice balls -- as weird as that sounds! :P

message 12: by Sonia (new) - added it

Sonia Fingers crossed! :D

YAY HUFFLEPUFFS!!! I have to display my badger pride <3 Aaah, I have so many friends into Japanese anime but I've never gotten into it. I've also never tried fuzzy rice balls! The picture is adorable though! :P

Kaylee Magic Here's my face that you haven't gotten in anime yet: O____O

Um, WHY NOT?! It's the cutest thing ever! Some of those anime boys are just as lovable as my favourite book boys (': sa-wooooooooon! <33 Maybe I'm just a little too broad in my taste of boys LOL...

message 14: by Thad (new) - rated it 1 star

Thad Did you buy this book hoping for an Alice in wonderland connection? Just curious, cause I did.

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