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Lord of Misrule by Rachel Caine
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Apr 09, 2012

liked it
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ok honestly, i liked it.. but there were some instances that wasnt really clear to me. i do have questions and i hoped it'll be answered in the next series..

questions like:
- jason, i mean, what is he's role in the story? really?? (first, he's with oliver, next he betrayed amelie, now he's with bishop) hasnt he died yet from all that riot in the city hall??
-myrnin-- he's a mystery!.. which side is he really on?? just keeps on betraying claire and slipping farther into insanity.
- oliver-- what happens to him now? one of the good guys or bad?
- what the hell happened to claire?? after she was bitten?? i mean, when she woke up she was on eve's lap, richard was there as well as his parents.. shane too was there. but how was she saved???? how did they escape bishop and francois??? how did richard got there? wt did shane really do? it really wasnt explained clearly! its frustrating.
- what happened to michael, he was under some spell during the last part of the book.?
- is it still claire that know about the disease??? does bishop know about it too??
- miranda. what happnd to her?? they jst forgot about her. is she gonna be of use to bishop?? her psychic powers??

i noticed that bishop took theo's family as hostage.. and asks for amelie and the book in exchange. i stared at it for a while because hello! amelie doesnt care! they are all pawns and why does he expect for amelie to rescue that family. she's cruel and she sacrifices lives because "the stakes are high".. i just ddnt see any reason why bishop would think that amelie would come to theo's family to the rescue. also, i dont blame the humas creating another faction going on berserk and killing every vampire they see. they have been owned like animals and been used, others abused! so i was kinda happy charles was dead. but now our heroes (eve,claire,shane & michael) have a change of heart. they hated vamps before now they are trying to help them. well, at least peace is being emphasized in the story.

all in all, its not bad.. more adventurous and i liked it. but there are just some situations which are confusing. its getting more exciting and i hope there are answers in the next series.. and pls more shane and claire moments! :)
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04/09/2012 page 200
82.0% "This is weird.. Why hasn't anyone told Claire wt happened after Francois bit her?! She jst came conscious then they're were holes in her neck and the whole town was outof the city hall except bad guys... Who saved Claire then..?! Wt did Shane do?"
04/09/2012 page 200
82.0% "Ok now it's more weird... Nobody noticed myrnin's hand close around claires throat.. Even Shane dent notice.. People tend to notice when something like dr happens.. And wth"
04/09/2012 page 200
82.0% "Wth happened with Francois?! He jst came in to the room looking all panicked..he jst bit Claire moments before...and really it wasn't explained how it ended too!" 1 comment

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Destiney Myrnin gives the book character. Even though he does betray Clair alot you can tell that he loves her. His role in the story is that he is the one that controls the town. Even though Amelie is the founder Myrnin is the one that watches over the place. And I believe Oliver is a good guy he just does bad things!! :D

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