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The Last Hope by Erin Hunter
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Apr 09, 2012

really liked it
Read in April, 2012

** spoiler alert ** MAJOR SPOILERs<----------------------------------Do not read pass this line <----------------------

Ok let me start off by saying I've been with warriors from the very begining,so plz forgive me if im a bit "critacal".

The Book was good compared to the deluted warrior books in the newest series. It seems to have recaputered a bit of the "darkness" that I remember in the first 2 series. The story goes on at pretty nice pace( compared to the warrior books we have had recently). The minor rabbit trails are tied up: BramXfligh...Dovextiger..Thethree forgiving thier mother , Firstar and ect...And then out of no where the clans combine together (to quickly for my taste).

Right after they get back to thier clans and its Pretty much "O no darkforrest is attacking! Darkforst attacks;They are repealed. But wait! Thunderclan is so STRONG that they defeated thier attackers before ANY of the other CLANS DO. So thunderclan being thunderclan runs over to up some more darkforest warrios;meets some past characters;returns to camp. O nossss! we need to help windclan too!..They run over to windclan ..rinse, dry, and repeat.

The erin that was writing this book at the time, must of just reliesed that she was approaching the warrior's legendary (standered book) word limit of 320-360 words. OMG can they not go over for once! This is teh final battle We are reading here! Shesh.

So the thunderclan warriors hurry home from windclan back to thier camp. They chill a bit. Then fight another battle (if i remember correctly). Some cats die...then the grand finale happens (da da da daaaaaaaa) Firestar and Tigerclaw fight....Tigerstar dies (Firstar beat Tigerstar WAY to easily) Somewere in here Spottedleaf dies..(Starclan didnt want WWII to happen in starclan between Spotted VS sand). Then THE THING happens..thats right, THEY FINALLY KILL FIRESTAR! It was about time yall. The thing I loved the most in this book was teh death scene. It was awesome..So AWESOME that im not going to describe it to you. Read it yourself.

Oooo and some last comments.. OMG the ending happens just like they said it WOULDNT happen. No Cinderstar,but Bramblestar. I thought we were doing boy,girl,boy here?

Last last comment.. Did darkforest attack skyclan too?

<3 u warriors
(plz forgive meh for any spelling errors,slang, and grammer...thank you)
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SometimesIWonder It's such a pity you were so eager for Firestar's death :'(

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