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Fallen in Love by Lauren Kate
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Apr 09, 2012

it was amazing
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*Spoilers from now on!!*

'Love where you least expect it'
(The valentine of Miles and Shelby) :

This story follows Miles and Shelby as they step out of an announcer and into Medieval times, or more specifically, into the middle of a Valentine's faire!

I really enjoyed this as it gave more depth into the two's relationship and saw it develop more without any distractions/life-changing missions.

'Love Lessons'
(The valentine of Roland)

This one was heart-felt and beautifully written as it also gave more depth into Roland. The story follows how he remembers the one mortal girl he ever loved, Rosaline. He too is also in the same time as the Medieval Valentine's fair and briefly bumps into Miles and Shelby. I personally LOVED how all the stories flowed into one another easily and without confusion.

The valentine of Roland was one of the sad stories though and teaches him a lesson of losing love. It ends with him seeing Rosaline after 5 years but he does not show himself as she is happily married and with a child.

He fights with her husband as he is a knight and her husband was leaving Rosaline to fight in the crusades. Roland wins the fight and tells him to go home and be with his family whilst he will take him place as a knight. It was such a sweet action and i admit, I almost cried.

'Burning Love'
(The valentine of Arianne)

Okay so this one was also quite sad and emotional and like I said before, it was nice to read from the charcter's perspective and give an insight as to how they act/feel.

The story follows Arianne (also near the faire) and how her love, Tess, who sided with Lucifer and is a demon. The story follows how Tess wants her to join her and Lucifer so they can tell everyone about their love and won't have to hide anymore. Arianne, however, does not want to side with him and does not want to become someone else just for love.

This story also almost made me cry as Arianne leaves Tess near the end but then returns when she gets a feeling Tess is in trouble, or injured. As it turns outl Tess, broken-hearted from loosing Arianne, had self-inflicted almost fatal injuries to her wings using a starshot (the only weapon that can kill/hurt an angel or demon) and is bleeding severely. Arriane tries to help her but Tess's blood touches hers accidently and burns Arriane's body badly, hence the name of the title.

Definately one of the more rememberable stories.

'Endless Love'
(The valentine of Daniel and Luce)

Finally, we reach the valentine faire and we get to see Luce go '3D' into her past self (go into her body) for the faire. This Lucinda is heartbroken as Daniel, a knight, has not appeared at the faire. Luce, whilst looking for Daniel, bumps into Cam whilst dancing. Although this is the medieval Cam so she cannot share her problems with him.

Eventunally, Daniel turns up and the two go off and share treasured time in the forrest together.

My favourite part was the epilogue as the musicians who had been playing at the faire, lifted their masks at the end of the day and were revealed to be Roland, Arriane, Miles and Shelby! It was just a surprise to me and I thought it made a nice ending that they had been watching over Daniel and Luce.

Overall, I loved all the stories!

I recomend this as a quick read and any fan (like me) who is waiting VERY impatiently for the final 'Fallen' book to be released!!
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