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Eragon by Christopher Paolini
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Jul 15, 07

bookshelves: fantasy
Read in September, 2005

Probably the most expensive fanfiction I've ever read. I'm not sure what possessed the publishing company to publish this book (although I heard that Christopher Paolini was self-published at first). I also wrote a book when I was 16 (much like Paolini) and the quality was pretty much the same as Eragon, that is to say, awful. Eragon (the character) is a total Mary Sue/Gary Stu: he learns to fight with a sword in just a few weeks, his past is angsty, he's the first dragon rider for centuries, etc etc. This becomes even more clear in the next book, Eldest. Everyone loves Eragon, and those who don't are evil or will repent their ways (see the elf-dude that he fights in Eldest. In Eldest he becomes this superhero, half-elf half-human, while of course the other characters mainly remain stock characters: the dwarf with an axe, the beautiful but haughty elf lady. Brom is of course the wise old mentor, like Gandalf, or perhaps more like Obi-Wan Kenobi from Star Wars, which the whole trilogy rips off anyway.

The only interesting character is Murtagh, but he turns out to be evil. I won't be surprised if he dies in the next book, or becomes Eragon's henchman after he realises how "awesome and cool" Eragon really is.
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message 1: by Cecelia (new)

Cecelia I for one loved this book and didn't even think of the other books that were not in this series. This book was written by a 16 year old. I bet you couldn't write any better. Maybe it has a tiny bit of relation with other books but this is definately a book on its own. I give this book respect and I give the author -- Paolini-- a lot of respect. This was a great book and full of suspense and adventure. Maybe your just a person who does not like this kind of book, but please don't insult the 16 YEAR OLD auther Paolini.

Aliza its true about the publishing thing. his PARENTS published it...which i find despicable...

Uk_id Cecelia, throwing out a challenge like "let's see you do better" is not a proper or good defense of a book. I don't have to be a professional cook to know when something tastes like crap, and I don't have to be a published author to know when something reads like it either. Had Paolini gone the traditional route of submitting this for publication, like the rest of us, it would have been thrown in the slush pile. Unlike Paolini, we don't have the luxury of having publishers for parents, so we must go the traditional route and actually work to hone our craft to even make it through the hands of an underpaid intern.

Tater Well I COMPLETLY disagree! If you find the book "slush" as you discribed it then oviously you dont have great taste!!!

Uk_id Tatum wrote: "Well I COMPLETLY disagree! If you find the book "slush" as you discribed it then oviously you dont have great taste!!!"

Yep, you showed me :/

Regina Leppert I was looking for a perfect description of this book... and over-priced fanfiction is the best one I've seen.

message 7: by Cleanova (new) - added it

Cleanova  Førever It's not fanfiction I think it an awesome serie .

Saccharine Sydney I see that some people think that the comments section and the "write a review" button are the same thing. Huh.

Over-priced fanfiction is the funniest thing I've read all week. Thank you for that. I think your review's great; it's not a mile long, but it's effective, see?

Eragoniscool You are all like kids. Bickering over which book is better. Some people enjoy good books. Obviously Archgallo or whoever wrote this review is not one of them. No need to insult a great author, even if u do not think he's great.

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