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Zero Day by Mark Russinovich
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Apr 09, 2012

did not like it

One of the more annoying and frustrating books have read.

The author is an experienced IT professional painting a picture of some of the pitfalls of relying to much on modern technology. Sounds basic premise. And in other hands would have been a thought provoking and well written book.

However he writes with a heavy hand with scenarios over the top and generic characters that seem stolen from a movie of the week.

If he had turned down some of the scenarios he laid out would have helped but sounded more like listening to a doom and gloom newscaster selling fear to an uninformed audience.

Also the characters actions made no sense, for example the two protagonists are highly educated
professionals yet seem to revert to an absolute mess of English when typing. You would see better grammar and spelling in the texts between twelve year old children raised on hooked on phonics. Yet he throws it in to show he is down with computerspeak to his target audience.

The decisions they make are retarded, for instance being part of a government agency's having contacts at other agencies they decide not to use any of those special branch functions when they get shot at instead evading police on three continents..??

If your trying to sell me that the idea and reality in your book is credible please don't undermine that by having characters do things no sane person would even contemplate

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