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Betrayal by Lois Tilton
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Apr 04, 2014

it was ok
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Another murder for Odo to solve
8 April 2012

Seriously, what is it about Deep Space Nine novels and Odo going off to catch a murderer. We are at the sixth Deep Space Nine book and so far each and every one of them has a murderer loose in the station and Odo out to catch him. Fortunately this is not the case in the television series: in fact I am up to episode 12 of the first season, and yes there have been murderers, but not every episode, and not with Odo investigating every one (in fact the one episode about a murderer has Odo excluded on the grounds that they believe that he is the culprit).
Anyway, I do find the show interesting to watch, particularly since they bring the Ferengi to the forefront and we learn more about their culture and society. In a way we question whether such a society can exist, let alone reach the stars, particularly since it is all about wheeling and dealing and getting ahead of the pack. One wonders how such a race could survive and succeed, as well as bringing about order to enable the construction of a starship. The only thing I can think of is that the Ferengi know about capital and also know about labour. I suspect (and it is not evident in the series) that the Ferengi are probably a slave owing society that also has a feudal structure about it as well.
I guess Star Trek does not really go too deep into somantics here. Okay, I have written a lot about the unrealism of the Federation, and in a way it does not stop there. For instance in one of the movies, First Contact, we have the Federation developing the warpdrive and thus bringing the Vulcans to Earth to see if they are ready to join the Federation. It is suggested that planets are only allowed to have FTL (faster than light) travel if they are mature enough to traverse space. However that turns out not to be the case, especially when we consider the traditional bad races such as the Klingons and the Romulans, or even some of the newer races such as the Cardassians and the Ferengi.
One of the interesting things that I have noticed watching the series recently is the uncanny prescience with regards to computer technology. As I sit here playing with my smartphone (I don't own a tablet, and do not see the need to own one) I notice that this series, and even the earlier series, uses computers that are uncannily similar. They all have their little pads with touch screens, and all of the computers on the station use touch screens as well. These days we still have keyboards and mice, but with the development of the smartphone that is changing. However, the thing that catches me is that we usually develop the big first and the miniaturise it. However the opposite has happened with smartphones, because the tablet came out later, and we still don't have touch screens for out PCs (well, we do now, but not when this was written).

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