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Sweet Possession by Maya Banks
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Apr 08, 2012

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I think if I'd read this book as a standalone I might have liked it more, but for a book that's part of the series it's part of, it came across rather lackluster.

Series Note:
Fifth book in Banks's "Sweet" series, which most of the books tend to be about BDSM relationships (though this one isn't). This book could be read as a stand alone, I think.

When Connor Malone is asked to provide security for a out of control pop star, he is not happy. How he is going to manage to spend 2 weeks babysitting a spoiled diva, he doesn't have a clue. But as he gets to know Lyric Jones a bit, he realizes she's not the person he thought she was. For all her bravado, he comes to understand that underneath it all, she's an insecure, scared woman with a lot of ghosts in her past.

But for Lyric, having anyone get to close to the real her is terrifying. She's spent her life running from her past. The more Connor digs beneath her walls, the harder it is to keep him away. And the more she begins to realize that she's let her life get totally out of control. She'll have to face a lot of her issues if she has any hope of keeping Connor.

Maya Banks's "Sweet" series has given us readers a glimpse into some non-traditional BDSM relationships that haven't always been comfortable to read about. So when you start another book in the series, you go into it expecting a certain type of book.

Which makes it odd that this book goes completely the other way. This book is extremely tame compared to all the other books in this series. There's not BDSM, no kink, nothing at all like that. There's not even an anal sex scene, which is a shocker.

Honestly, this book came across too tame. If I'd just read it as a standalone, only slightly erotic romance, I wouldn't have been bothered by it. But when read in the context of a series that breaks down boundaries of what's comfortable to read, kink wise, it's a let down. Everything is so blah.

And even aside from the fact that it doesn't meet expectations, I thought it was weird how tame it was. Part of the context of the story is that Lyric is an out of control pop star, with two "bodyguards" she regularly sleeps with at the same time, who is known to have group sex, etc. Then suddenly the book starts, she hooks up with Connor and everything goes vanilla. It was a bit bizarre and it came off weird and ill-fitting. For me, between this and the difference from the other books, it through off the whole vibe of the book.

The characters are pretty interesting, though. I liked both Lyric and Connor. And I liked the growth of Lyric's character as the story progresses and Lyric begins to understand what she's done with her life and that she wants to make changes. It was an interesting story aspect that worked.

It's also great to get to read about the other characters. They're an enjoyable bunch. And the scenes with all the girls getting together, doing goofy stuff are funny. And the little bit of suspense is okay. It's underdeveloped and could have been a much more interesting part of the story.

But really, for me, the dominant aspect of the book was just how off-kilter it felt because of how tame it was. It just wasn't really what I wanted for a book in this series.

WARNING, this book contains: moderately explicit sex, explicit language

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