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The Springsweet by Saundra Mitchell
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Apr 09, 2012

it was amazing
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Let me just start by saying that I enjoyed The Springsweet a lot more than I did The Vespertine. It was much easier to follow, and I actually enjoyed the setting more. It doesn't take place very long at all after The Vespertine ended, but it's completely different. Saundra really has a talent for making her writing fit the period, and areas she is trying to write about. As you can probably gather, The Springsweet is the companion novel to The Vespertine in which you follow along with Zora on her journey west.

The setting in The Springsweet takes place in Oklahoma. Which I really feel like Saundra did a great job of portraying this setting. I don't know a large amount of how things were then, just what I have learned. But I can easily say I was convinced by her descriptions. It really seemed like it was a huge change for Zora to, considering she was from Baltimore. So it was interesting seeing how she adjusted to it all as the story went on.

As with The Vespertine, I really enjoyed the characters in The Springsweet. I really like Zora, I was really happy that she was going to be the main focus in this book. Birdie (Zora's Aunt) and Louella were also really enjoyable characters. Louella is really young, so she really isn't a major character or anything but I feel like she added some really cute context to the story. And of course you have that romance between characters. This time it's between Zora and Emerson. I felt as though it was a pretty subtle romance though, it was nice seeing it blossom throughout the book. And then to if it actually went anywhere. But all in all, there is a great cast of characters. They are all believable, and really seem to go together nicely. Good and bad alike.

The story in The Springsweet was much more enjoyable for me. It was much easier to understand the ability Zora had, and it just seemed a lot lighter on the paranormal side which was nice in my opinion. It allowed you to digest a lot of the other aspects of the story, without being so overwhelmed with the Paranormal side of it. I feel like that was what made this book much more enjoyable in the end. The last page really through me for a loop though, it has me really curious to see if this series will continue or not. I am assuming it will based on what happened in the Epilogue. I guess we will just have to wait and see though. It was an extremely enjoyable story though, I couldn't find anything wrong with it. It was great getting to know Zora more and being able to follow her journey.

Just as I had mentioned with The Vespertine, this series is really different. It's enjoyable, but it takes a little while to get use to. One you get use to the writing, and wrap your head around some of the concepts it really turns out to be quite enjoyable. I would still highly recommend this series, it might not appeal to everyone. But if you truly do enjoy a great Historical Fiction series, this is one you got to check out. I have openly admitted I find the paranormal aspects a little weird, but it doesn't really take to much away from the story as a whole. You still have the beautiful and well written settings, and the awesome characters. So if you haven't read The Vespertine, I would make sure to do that before The Springsweet comes out. It's really worth something if you're looking for something different, that still has amazing and rich details.

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