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Fall of Giants by Ken Follett
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Apr 08, 12

Another Ken Follett historical novel, this time around the Great War and from Welsh, German, Russian, American viewpoints. The scale is a bit much - the characters are present in most historical events of note, and are connected in many rather unbelievable ways. Sometimes the characters are just reduced to commentating on events - for example during a speech in the Parliament, one of the characters is present and offers opinions on everything that is said in the speech. The scale of the book and the amount of characters also hurts character development, many of them are not very interesting and are rather one-dimensional. Still, whenever the historical events are put to the background and the story moves on its own, it is an entertaining and an engaging read. The Welsh and Russian parts were the most interesting for me.

I would guess for people not very interested in the politics of the era, this book might be a bit much - while for experts on the subject some of the events might be too simplified. I am no expert, but I got the impression the author has read plenty of history books and uses that knowledge to build his story - the result isn't always completely successful.

Looking forward to the next two books in the series.

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