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Blood Red Road by Moira Young
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Jun 15, 12

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Read from May 06 to June 15, 2012

'This book will leave you breathless' a quote I didn't believe. But now I feel 'breathless' isn't the right word. This book is beyond amazing. When I finished I just sat staring at this book like 'wow. whens the movie coming out. It will be a crime if theres no movie'

*I wouldn't say theres things that I WOULD consider spoilers in this review...maybe some bits that MIGHT give certain things away but I've been good I think*

Sabas twin brother is her world. They live with their Father and younger sister Emmy on Harsh lands. A dystopian future. The world has been ruined by the 'wreckers' Saba's world is ripped apart when her brother is kidnapped. She sets off on a dangerous journey to get him back. This journey involves cage fights, huge monsters, crazy kings, weird drugs, girl fighters and just...a whole load of awesome girl power!

Thats basically the story in a nutshell anyway. It does it no justice. Neither does the blurb on the back of the book. This book is epic.

I thought I was going to hate this book. At first I disliked Saba and I got annoyed at the lack of grammar and the phonetic dialect way of writing. But I gradually warmed to Saba and got used to the writing style BUT everything I thought I'd hate was outshone by the pure epic-ness of this novel.

In the first 40 pages this book made me laugh, cry and scream 'OH MY GOD THAT DID NOT JUST HAPPEN!' In fact, while reading this book 'OH MY GOD THAT DID NOT JUST HAPPEN' left my mouth many times! So much happened - there was ALWAYS something mind blowing happening and the pace is constantly flowing in this amazing way that makes you just want to keep reading. I was on the edge of my seat throughout this whole book. SO.MUCH.ACTION.AND.SUSPENSE. It literally has everything - plot twists, scary moments, shocking moments, funny moments..I could go on forever. My blown. I want a movie.

Saba could be quite frustrating...a lot. I found myself yelling at her loads and I must have looked like a mad women when I was banging the book on the table because she was annoying me! Emmi is ALWAYS right. SHE never listened to little Emmi! Saba seems cold and stony but she has a whole load of love for her brother - how can someone be so cold when they love so much? I love the way she was forced to grow up. Instead of her brother making decisions for her she had to learn by herself that she was strong, smart and capable of making her own choices. She wasn't being led - she was making her own path and THATS what changed her the most. She grew along side little Emmi and became one of the most amazing female leads I've read in novel yet. We sit and watch her love for Emmi grow and it literally goes from despising her to willing to die for her. One of the quotes I particularly like is:

'if it'd bin Emmi the took, he says, Emmi and not Lugh...would you of gone after her? When he'd asked me that question, back at Darktrees, the answer was no. If he asked me agin, if he asked me now, I'd answer yes. Without stopping to think. Yes'

To me - this was one of the most powerful quotes. A quote that sums up the change in character.

Emmi. Always my favourite. Right from the start. The reason why I didn't like Saba to begin with was because of the way she treated Emmi. She is one tough little cookie. She has to be one of the strongest characters. She wasn't even whiny. She hardly cried AND she was the pillar of strength...not to mention shes funny, blunt and honest.

The evil characters easy to hate. I love it when the bad characters are easy to hate. Although I do like depth to evil characters - a little insight to why they are the way they are - but all the same, its so much fun when you can curse horrible characters and just go 'bah!'

Jack. Jack. Jack. Such a brilliant character. He's sarcastic, smart, funny, strong...cheeky - EVERYTHING a love interest should be.

The rest of the characters. Some characters I loved died. I did NOT appreciate that Moira Young! why! Why to authors insist on killing favourite characters. Although - I will admit each death (well the 3 MAIN deaths) was necessary to prepell the story forward and perhaps uncover hidden depths to characters in the this sequel....NOW PLEASE??

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Quotes Charlie Liked

Moira Young
“We're on our own. An I feel calm. It seems crazy . . . but I'm calm. Because now I see what I gotta do. An what I ain't gotta do, which is waste time thinkin that anybody's gonna help us. That somebody's gonna come along an rescue us. I cain't count on nobody but me.”
Moira Young, Blood Red Road

Moira Young
“Bloody Jack. What is it with him? What is it about him that he seems to charm everybody an everythin that crosses his path? Ash an pretty well every other Free Hawk, my sister an now my damn crow. I swear, if there was a rock in his path that he couldn’t be bothered steppin over, all he’d hafta do was give it one look an it’d roll outta the way.”
Moira Young, Blood Red Road

Moira Young
“Lugh shines like the sun.
That must of made it easy fer them to find him.
All they had to do was follow his light.”
Moira Young, Blood Red Road

Moira Young
“Lugh goes first always first an I follow on behind.
An that's fine.
That's right.
That's how it's meant to be.”
Moira Young, Blood Red Road

Moira Young
“Marry me, he says. I got all my own teeth, I wash twice a year an I'll cut you in fer half the business here.”
Moira Young, Blood Red Road

Moira Young
“Yer in my blood, Saba, he says. Yer in my head. Yer in my breath, yer in my bones...gawd help me, yer everywhere. You have bin since the first moment I set eyes on you.”
Moira Young, Blood Red Road

Moira Young
“Wisdom ain't a virtue I ever aspired to.”
Moira Young, Blood Red Road

Moira Young
“Ever heard of the rule of three? he shouts as we run.
If you save somebody's life three times, their life belongs to you. You saved my life today, that makes once. Save it twice more an I'm all yers.”
Moira Young, Blood Red Road

Moira Young
“I never knew that missin somebody could hurt, I says. But it does. Deep inside. Like it's in my bones. We ain't never bin apart till now. Never. I dunno how to be without him. It's like... I ain't nuthin.”
Moira Young, Blood Red Road

Moira Young
“Don't give in to fear. Be strong, like i know you are. An never give up, d'you unnerstand, never. No matter what happens.
I stare at him.
I won't, I says. I ain't no quitter, Pa.
That's my girl.”
Moira Young, Blood Red Road

Moira Young
“I ain't never seen a creature like that before, she says. He's so smart, he's-
More, like a person than a bird? I says.
Yeah, she says. That's it.
Whatever you do, I says, don't tell him that. I'll never hear the end of it.”
Moira Young, Blood Red Road

Moira Young
“Did you know, he says, every time you make somethin, any time you make anythin, a little bit of yer spirit goes into it?”
Moira Young, Blood Red Road

Moira Young
“There can be beauty anywhere. Even here. An if it ain't there, you can make it yerself.”
Moira Young, Blood Red Road

Moira Young
“You got three seconds, he says, then they're comin down. He starts to count. One... two...
I turn and run.
I can still hear him laughin when I'm halfways back to camp.”
Moira Young, Blood Red Road

Moira Young
“Jack grins. Anyways, Saba likes to look at my bare chest.
Lugh looks at me. Frowns. Is that a fact? he says.
I feel myself go bright red. It is not a fact, I says. You stinker, Jack.”
Moira Young, Blood Red Road

Moira Young
“Jack nudges our pile of clothes with his foot. Grins. Well, ain't this an innerestin sitchation? he says. Two girls naked in the water an me with all their clothes.”
Moira Young, Blood Red Road

Reading Progress

05/09/2012 page 18
4.0% "Okay, so I haven't really read much because of work! But what I have read seems good, not AMAZING - I think its because at the moment I don't really like the main character 'Saba' she's really nasty to her little sister and although I understand the reason WHY it just annoys me. When I first started reading I was like 'nooo' not another vernacular/dialect book BUT I actually think it suits the book - I LOVE it."
05/09/2012 page 18
4.0% "I'll quickly just add that I LOVE the start of this book - you really see how much her brother means to her and how he's the one thats sort of holding the family together! Her dad seems hilarious and her little sister seems cute - Im like 'SABA - STOP BEING A BITCH, ITS NOT HER FAULT THAT THAT HORRIBLE THING HAPPENED'

I love the whole 'he was born 1st, I follow, he's light, Im dark blablaaaa'"
06/14/2012 "Beginning to read this book again! I stopped, a couple of weeks ago then started reading others but now Im picking it up again."
06/14/2012 page 18
4.0% "back to where I left off weeks ago. I like sabas relationship with her brother - its cute. But at the moment I just dont like saba much."
06/14/2012 page 40
10.0% "just got to the end section and all I can say is 'wow' I was not expecting that. SO.GOOD. It jumps straight into action and already has me like 'OH MY GOD - WHAT JUST HAPPENED' and I've already had a moment of tears. So in the first 40 pages:
1)I have laughed
2)I have yelled at the book like WHAAAT NOOOOO!
3)I have cried.


I now have high expectations for this book."
06/14/2012 page 48
12.0% "Emmi is one tough little 9 year old and I think she's awesome. Just when I start to think saba cares and I start to like her she does something that makes me think 'what a complete bitch' She's only really looking after her sister because her brother told her to. I'm finding it hard to see things from her perspective. She needs to do something that makes me like her."
06/14/2012 page 74
18.0% "SO.FREAKING.GOOD! Im starting to warm up to saba now - she's not as hard and stony as I first thought and she DOES care for emmie..just deep down."
06/14/2012 page 107
26.0% "oh my god WHAAT!? I was NOT expecting that! Emmy was right once again saba and you didn't listen BAH! You're so annoying. They even had me tricked...PLOT TWIST. OOHHHH NOOOOO! I HAVE TO GO TO BED SOON BUT I HAVE TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENS!! oh poops =("
06/14/2012 page 118
28.0% "gaaaaaaaaawd this book! Its been a while since I've sat yelling at the evil characters in books! Seriously. I haven't been this mad at a character snow in the hunger games. Baaah! Poor Emmie! and poor saba! I'm starting to really like saba now - you can see how much she actually does care for Emmie now! And he hair! NOOOOOOO! Not her braid! *le cries over the braid*"
06/14/2012 page 134
32.0% "Saba.IS.awesome. Its so weird how I went from not liking her to absolutely loving her! She's a kick ass character. I can't stand whiny characters - she goes through hell but keeps on fighting. I love it. THIS BOOK IS SO GOOD!"
06/14/2012 page 164
39.0% "so. Im in love with book. That is all."
06/15/2012 page 191
46.0% "Im on the edge of my seat! this books is full of suspense and HIGH FIVE FOR A WHOLE LOAD OF GIRL POWER!!!! I started reading this book last night - couldnt put it down. Started reading again now - Im positive I'll be finished in a couple of hours! SO.FREAKING.GOOD! I get waaaaay to excited over books..."
06/15/2012 page 192
46.0% "Casually shouting 'USE THE HEARTSTONE, USE THE HEARTSTONE' at a book. But she heard me so its okay. Saba, why do you listen to me and not your sister!"
06/15/2012 page 210
50.0% "I LOVE LOVE looooove the pace of this book - its fast but not in the 'what the hell is going on' fast. Theres ALWAYS something happening. Always. Always something that keeps you wanting to read more. To think I didn't like saba to begin with!!!!!!!!! omg! Emmi - ALWAYS like Emmi, right from the start. I want her to become a Hawk! She'd be awesome as a hawk!!!!!"
06/15/2012 page 232
56.0% "Im just over half way but its crazy how much has happened. It doesnt feel like TOO much though but theres been so much to this story its mind blowing. I honestly thought by this point the phonetic style its wrote in would drive me nuts but I've got used to it and I know its going to be really weird when I read a book that includes grammar! FINALLY SHES GOING SOMEWHERE WITH JACK. Jacks fab. Little emmi =')"
06/15/2012 page 310
74.0% "THIS book NEEDS to be a movie." 7 comments
06/15/2012 page 340
82.0% "*SQUEALS* This would be such an epic movie! Characters are brilliant, pace is freaking fantastic, theres bits that blow me away AND it has a freaking amazing female lead. I love this book. I know Im going to rate it 5 stars before I've even finished it - ITS.BRILLIANT."
06/15/2012 page 347
83.0% "This could be a movie AND have an epic soundtrack. Theres not many books where,as you're reading, you sit there like 'and this would be when there will be climatic music'...'here I can picture the jaws theme'..and so on. This book - already has a soundtrack. EPIC."
06/15/2012 page 373
06/15/2012 page 384
92.0% "I keeps covering my eyes whenever something 'ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh' happens...then I realize I can't read the book if I keep doing that...=/ my mums sat next to me like 'its just a book' Im like 'YOU JUST DONT UNDERSTAAAAAND!!!!'"
06/15/2012 page 398
95.0% "OMG PLOT TWIST! JHGJGJHJHJGH!!!!!!!!!! DeMarlo! ghghjhjhhjhjgh!!!!!!!!"
06/15/2012 page 383
92.0% "one problem solved - another one arises. This seems to be the common occurrence in this book!"
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