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The 5 Love Languages of Children by Gary Chapman
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We all understand the importance of loving our children and showing them how much they are loved, but did you know that there are ways of showing our children love that really speak volumes to them and their heart? It's true, just like there are languages that speak to the adult hearts, our children have different needs that show them that we truly love them. Each has a unique language that speaks love to them.

This is why often times we may bend over backwards as a parent and our children still look at us, telling us that they desperately need to feel our love. What is happening is that we aren't speaking the same languages that they need. There are 5 love languages that speak to our children and sometimes there is a combination that works well for our kids. Some love Words of Affirmation, being told what a great job they are doing, how much we love and care for them, acknowledgement that we see what they are doing and praising them. While for yet other children, Acts of Service, speaks to their hearts, such as doing kind deeds for them, taking them to lunch, or a ball game, just spending time with them, and yet another is Physical Touch. These are the children who thrive on hugs and kisses and touch instead of words or actions by us.

Authors Gary Chapman and Ross Campbell have collaborated to help parents speak the language of love our children so desperately need to hear in their book, The 5 Love Languages of Children. In this book not only do they break down each of these in detail, but it also includes a game to help both parents and children understand what works well for them. This way we can speak love to our children without being frustrated on both ends. It can also help us discipline our children more effectively when it needs to be addressed. This is a must read for anyone who deals with children, whether it be parents, grandparents and even child care givers or teachers!

I received this book compliments of Propeller and Northfield Publishing for my honest review and learning so much about the love languages when it comes to adults, this seemed a natural for me to read as a parent. So many times with multiple children we try not to appear to favor one child over the other but often times find our actions frustrating when they don't respond as we would hope. This book really helps to identify what works for each child. I rate this one a 5 out of 5 stars and seeing it benefiting even teachers who may be frustrated in reaching children who are struggling with learning. This book speak volumes to the hearts of our children.

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