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ReVamped by Ada Adams
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May 03, 2012

it was amazing

Let me just start this review by saying that I did not want this story to end. Everything about it was just fantastic and somehow managed to take hold of my emotions and drive my heart in that rare direction that it goes in when I become lost in a good book. By the time I noticed that I was almost finished the story, I was heartbroken. And in case you haven’t figured it out by now—this is a novel that I personally think that everybody should at least try out. Revamped by author Ada Adams is a new and refreshing take on the human world after it has discovered the existence of vampires.

Our main character, Dawn, is the daughter to the Vampire President and she’s one of the Born. Which is a title that basically explains itself: Dawn is a vampire who was born a vampire, but ages at a human rate. To stop aging a Born would have to have a baby and after the (*sarcastic tone*) thrills of childbirth she would remain the age that she gave birth at. I know it might sound confusing but it isn’t and I’m bad at describing things so… moving on! From the start of the novel to the end of the novel, the concept of why Dawn is a born vampire when her mother was born in the eighteen hundreds. The mystery of that secret alone had me hooked.

As the novel progressed into when Dawn must recruit four vampires from the town Angel Creek, I noticed that I was actually very intrigued by the fact that upon recruiting each of the vampires—we also got into the backstory of how they became vampires. From Brooke’s somewhat trashy story to Seth’s ironic transformation, I absolutely loved getting to see how each of the vampires came to be a part of our story. Personally, I found that the characters in the story managed to grow at a quick pace that I managed to keep up with and thankfully for that the story rarely stirred by attention away from the tasks at hand.

As for the romance portion of the novel, I liked that between Sebastian, Ethan and Dawn there was always that aura of a love triangle that was never fully discussed. Personally, I would vouch for Sebastian and Dawn being together, especially after we learn about Sebastian’s sad past. Since I don’t want to leave any spoilers, I’ll simply say that Revamped isn’t your typical romance story and for that I am very happy. I would recommend this story to fans of vampires, mystery or readers who simply want to read something new and refreshing. Revamped is a novel that readers will continue to think about long after the story is finished…
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