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Apr 08, 2012

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You know, for all we shriek at Cassie Clare about milking TMI to death, I think the poor woman must be chained inside the dairy barn by her publishers, editing this collection of short stories.

I'm well aware that this could possibly be like those 'GUIDE TO THE HUNGER GAMES/TRIBUTES/DISTRICTS' books that seem to crop up around any bookshelf featuring The Hunger Games. And that there is a movie coming out. But for the love of all the gods who have ever been worshipped, make this end!!

Do you really need a guide to Shadowhunters and Downworlders? Nope. From the one book I have (skim)-read from The Mortal Instruments universe, and the two I have read of The Infernal Devices, Shadowhunter = anybody borne of Nephilim, or angels who copulated with humans oh so long ago. Downworlder = any being that you can relate to as being evil or magical in any way, I guess. Witches, warlocks, demons, vampires, werewolves, nymphs, pixies, elves, etcetera.

There is no need for this supplementary material, at all. The books don't require any form of in-depth study. Nice little extras for the fans, perhaps, and maybe interesting looks at the universe from alternate storytellers, but a waste of paper otherwise.

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message 1: by Clair (new) - added it

Clair Heywot wrote: "

I'm pretty sure you could just write an unofficial guide and publish it yourself."

But that would require reading the entire series! D:

message 2: by Clair (new) - added it

Clair Heywot wrote: "...Never mind. I completely forgot about that part!

Don't subject yourself to the torture. Millions of dollars just aren't worth deconstructing that holey world."

There's a million dollars at stake? :0

message 3: by Clair (new) - added it

Clair Heywot wrote: "Sei wrote: "Heywot wrote: "...Never mind. I completely forgot about that part!

Don't subject yourself to the torture. Millions of dollars just aren't worth deconstructing that holey world."


It reminds me of a quote (paraphrased, though, my memory has never been too great) from Yahtzee. "You can't jump up and down on a dead property and hope to sell whatever squirts out of its nose." (He was talking about one of the new Star Wars games, I believe, but it's applicable here!)

message 4: by rameau (new)

rameau Heywot wrote: "This whole cash cow thing could be another way of showing her ~love to the creator Lucas."

You forgot Whedon. There's a lot from Buffy too, and every other 90's and 00's hit series she's watched.

message 5: by Judy (new)

Judy Ok. So if you don't like it, than you don't have to comment and bring others down. I happen to love this series, as i'm sure there are series that you love that i could totally diss. Doesn't mean i will

message 6: by Violet (new) - added it

Violet Hey, don't hate me for saying (writing, actually) this, but you are wrong about what Shadowhunters and Downworlders are. I'm not a big fan of this series and I think you're right: this is too much.
But, anyway, Nephilim did not copulate with humans. Nephilim = Shadowhunter. They were born when an Angel (Raziel) mixed his own blood with human's blood and then he made some humans drink that mix. Actual Shadowhunters were born from one Shadowhunter parent, or both.
And demons are not Downworlders. Vampires, werewolves, witches and warlocks and fairies are—at least, I don't recall Clare saying there are others in this group.
So...that. I hope this comment does not bother you and please excuse my mistakes—I don't speak English very well.

message 7: by Clair (new) - added it

Clair Hey, Violet. Thanks for correcting me. It's been a while since I read these books. :-) Your English is fine, no need to worry.

Lisa erm... that's not what this book is about. This isn't a guide to the shadowhunter world, nor a collection of short stories, and it's not even written by cassandra clare. It's a collection of essays by various authors analyzing recurring themes in her series and similar genres, like the city as a character, religion and vampirism, gay characters in fiction... Just sayin' :)

message 9: by Mizuki (new) - added it

Mizuki Given Clare's lack of world building, I don't think we need a guide for Clare's 'universe'

message 10: by Sarah (new) - added it

Sarah Cassandra Clare's books are wonderful, they all have been...if you are a fan than you will be happy that she is making more. No one forces you to read them, so if you don't want to then don't

message 11: by Lana (new)

Lana Tha people who just read her series because there friends are reading the series, not because they actually like the series, should'nt keep reading it, because if Clair is really profits from you reading her books, why read it at all? Her books just give people an excuse to be negative, and chances are that you really do like the books but your frustraited that every time you finish one of Clare's books there are more and more books you haven't read. I just don't read the time wasters that don't actually have a story plot( shadow hunter codex etc.) but i am excited for the lady midnight trilogy( hope it's only a trilogy) because the world of shadow hunters is interesting to me. And I think Julian and Emma will be very different from the previouse characters.

message 12: by Mari (new) - rated it 5 stars

Mari The books are really quite good. However, if you want to make this the end, I suggest you simply stop reading them, and not worry about the many fans who will not, and have no reason to make it "the end".

Caroline I love this series it is my life. Well then again there's several series that are my life. Making this book wasn't a bad idea. It's boring but interesting at the same time. I like reading others point of views and seeing what they thought of the series and how they relate to it. Cause the books I read, I've never been to the places. So I read and read until I finish the series. Then I pick up a new series to read. Then I repeat. If you don't like Cassandra Clare (even though she broke my heart several times but I still love her books) then don't read her books. It's as simple as that

Başak Yalçin Its a very cool and adventurace book!:)

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