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To Seduce a Sinner by Elizabeth Hoyt
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Apr 08, 12

bookshelves: historical-romance
Read in April, 2012

I wanted this to be over. It was tedious. There’s no dialogue. There’s no relationship development.

She has loved him from afar for several years. They’ve never talked. He enjoys socializing and has had many lovers. He needs to produce an heir and is jilted by two fiancés. Melisande sees this as her chance. She approaches him and offers marriage. He says yes. (I do not understand why he said yes.) She is shy, prim, and proper.

Their conversation is so boring. I could never understand how they could enjoy being together, converse, and fall in love. For most of the book their conversation is “Did you sleep well?” “Yes, thank you.” “Shall we have cook pack a lunch for us?” “Yes that would be good.” He asks her what her favorite food is. She replies that she has none. After a few days of this, he realizes he loves her. He calls her my lady wife and my heart. They both have secrets. His secret is that he still feels stress from fighting in the army causing him to sleep on the floor. Also he feels he doesn’t deserve happiness. Her secret is that she loves him. She tells herself it will be a disaster if he ever discovers this. This feels like a book about nothing.

There are several sex scenes that are ok but not special. One publisher’s summary was misleading. It stated “But to her chagrin, her husband pursues her, wooing her as if she were a paramour, not his wife.” I found the opposite to be true. For some reason Jasper is reluctant to have sex with Melisande. It’s like he doesn’t see her as a woman. So, she is the one who must initiate things - coming to him, undressing him, etc. One of the sex scenes toward the end was overly dramatic where he was demanding to know her secret (which was she loved him - but horrors - she didn’t dare to tell him that). This was the major relationship event.

Secondary stories involve Jasper talking to various men trying to discover who the traitor was. (See next paragraph.) For conflict, a few times outside bad guys came along to attack or cause stress.

This is book 2 in the Legend of the Four Soldiers series. There is a mystery that flows through all the books which I believe will be solved in book 4. There was a British traitor who caused some men to be taken prisoner and tortured seven years ago. Jasper spends a lot of time investigating this, but it’s not resolved in this book. Thus a somewhat disappointing cliffhanger feel.

In many of the author’s books (maybe all, I’m not sure) she has a short fairy tale unrelated to the main story that she divides into short paragraphs. She puts one paragraph at the beginning of each chapter of the book. In the physical books, I skipped those. In the audiobook I couldn’t skip them. I was annoyed at having to listen to them. They took me out of the story. They felt like TV commercial interruptions. They caused me “a little bit of stress” trying to remember what happened in the previous excerpt. I wish she wouldn’t do this.

The narrator Anne Flosnik does a fine job.

Unabridged audiobook reading time: 9 hrs and 45 mins. Swearing language: none that I recall. Sexual language: strong. Number of sex scenes: 7. Setting: 1765 England and Scotland. Book copyright: 2008. Genre: historical romance.

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Célia Loureiro I wish at least this time I wouldn't agree with you...

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