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Девушка, которая играла с огнем by Stieg Larsson
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May 03, 12

bookshelves: 2012, ru
Read in April, 2012

Worldwide known bestsellers'trilogy about tiny, unsociable and increadibly smart girl/young woman involved into state level conspiracy plan. What is true, what imagined - who knows. Maybe someone is going to dig for approval or disapproval of events described as there is quite wide of Swedish politics and history. Not me. I read it just as an intertainment. And you know - I liked the books despite the fact detective stories are not my genre at all. I do not find any excitement in guessing who is the bad guy. On the other hand, this is not really detective or crime novel. It is kind of mix. And to be completely honest - I catched the romantic line and mostly because of it got through those 2000 pages in total. Incredible amount, is not it? Each book is guite thick, however, reading it, you do not feel the thickness. Twists and turns are enough not to let you bore.

The author managed to introduce so many characters, letting readers to know them quite well, live along, and like them. And sometimes it comes as a shock when the characters die/are killed/suicide - whatever way are removed from the book. Or better to say - they stay but access to their minds is forbidden.

The idea I personally catchhed - each of us has personal believes of what is right and wrong and we act according to this system of good/bad values. Others, in contrary, could see this system as completely wrong and unacceptable. Personal, human choice everyone has. What is left - just to stay in harmony with your inner-self.

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