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Spark by Amy Kathleen Ryan
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Jun 18, 2012

really liked it
Read from May 30 to June 02, 2012

Has there been any buzz for this book, or what? Because I haven’t found any mentions of this book anywhere on the web and popular book blogging sites. Guess I’m one of the few who likes this series? Yes? No? I really hope there are more of you out there.

If you liked how twisted and messed up some of the plot elements were in the previous edition, well you’ll get more of it here! Maybe not as shocking but whoa, man kind of reaction. I love how the author has the balls (or well, since she’s a woman would that she’s got the vagina?) to take her characters to very dark places.

I loved how she shows the psychological aftereffects on someone who experiences a very traumatic event. She tackles them from all sides. Waverly is upset, furious, enraged and wants an outlet for revenge – some way to satisfy her pain and horror that she feels and make someone feel it in return. She is definitely damaged but not in a depressed unable to function type of way. She’s bloodthirsty and she’s going to get her vengeance in any fashion. You’re shocked at what she does but yet, somehow you can understand why she did it.

Kieran, on the other hand, is paranoid, suspicious, and fearful. He doesn’t want to be subjected to another life-threatening event where he is completely powerless and transforms himself into someone who forces and makes people listen. He doesn’t accomplish this through brute strength but rather by charisma, motivating speeches, and a rigid sense of black and white morality. You can definitely see him become that irrational and immovable dictator that you want to hate but you somehow feel sympathy for him.

Now Seth is the more collected one of the group. He realizes what he did was wrong and feels the greatest regret, remorse, and guilt over it. He becomes more introspective, cautious, and very risk averse. Yet, he’s stubborn and wants to prove his worth and absolve himself of the crimes he’s committed. Although I haven’t really warmed up to him I did enjoy the balance he brought to the two radically different characterizations the previous two had.

There’s a lot more action this time and the twist at the end is a “dang, what the heck did I just read?” moment. It’s fast-paced and when you get to the ending you want to go: “WHAT?! GIVE ME MORE! NOW!”

This is a great follow up and I can’t wait for the concluding addition to this trilogy. If you liked the first book, you’ll most likely be pleased with this one as well.

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05/30/2012 page 29
9.0% "Back to this world again. This looks like it'll be a dark book again."
05/31/2012 page 100
32.0% "Eeew, omg. He just stitched the wound in his scalp closed. YECH. Kiernan is getting mad nuts! DICTATOR, FO' SHO."
06/01/2012 page 192
62.0% "The crazy stuff just keeps on happening!"
06/02/2012 page 309
100.0% "Umm, omg. What the hell was that ending?!"

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