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A Gentleman Says "I Do" by Amelia Grey
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Sep 23, 2012

it was amazing
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Deliciously charming and thoroughly unique, Amelia Grey's latest novel in the Rouge's Dynasty series is a hit! A GENTLEMAN SAYS ‘I DO' is a breath of fresh air and simply delightful.

Miss Catalina Crisp never expected to find a dashing young man on her doorstep furious with rage and demanding to see her father, Sir Philip, the famous and talented writer. Iverson Brentwood's recent discovery of Sir Philips' poetic parodies is certainly nothing to laugh about...well, at least for him. Brentwood knows his family's scandalous tale is the inspiration behind Sir Philip's latest success A Tale of Three Gentlemen. Rather than allowing his family to be the laughing stock of the ton, Iverson is determined to confront the famous poet and demand he stop this embarrassment.

Unfortunately, Sir Philip is off chasing his latest muse and isn't at home to hear Iverson's demands. While the ordeal certainly is frustrating, Iverson takes one look at the beautiful Catalina and she instantly captures his attention. While her connection to Sir Philip should be enough to deter Iverson from feeling anything but hatred for the young lady, he finds it does the exact opposite. Catalina is growing quite fond of Iverson as well, but when he finds out she wrote the ending to the upsetting tragedy, that may be one obstacle too many for their love to conquer.

Extremely well written and thoroughly entertaining, A GENTLEMAN SAYS ‘I DO' is a romantic treat. Yes, it has fabulous characters and hilarious adventures, but the element that absolutely captured my attention were the subtle moments shared between Iverson and Catalina. It was more than a stolen kiss, it was more than a romantic was about shared smiles, a slight caress on the cheek, or priceless mementos of their connection. These were the things that stood out to me and built their romance. Their romance was breathtaking and watching it take them by surprise was what makes this book incredibly enchanting.

The title says it all when it comes to describing Iverson absolute gentleman. At first he tries to be the mean, overbearing brute, but he is simply not that great an actor. His rough edges turn into distinct qualities that make a dashing young man. He was still devilishly charming, yet very understanding and compassionate. His continual kindness toward Catalina was adorable and though this caused him agony at first, it was worth following the development of his feelings for her.

Catalina is an unbelievably great heroine. She is such a generous and kind person who usually becomes completely overpowered by her emotions. Easily exposing her emotions doesn't necessarily make her weak, but rather someone to admire. She was always thinking of everyone else first and never selfish to her own needs. I love the heroines in which you discover they hold everything together yet never take credit, constantly keeping their efforts from the ones they love most. This description fit Catalina perfectly. She was a passionate, emotional young woman who held the world on her shoulders and you couldn't help but idolize her because of it.

Amelia Grey continually amazes readers in the latest installment of her Rogues' Dynasty series with A GENTLEMAN SAYS ‘I DO.' This novel establishes stellar characters, both at the front of the story and in the background, that create a fabulously enchanting historical romance. Ms Grey easily captures the essence of her characters and the insight into their lives is delightfully entertaining. You can't help but love them and enjoy experiencing their emotional journey. It's just difficult to put into words how enjoyable, fun and entertaining A GENTLEMAN SAYS 'I DO' really is.

On top of all that, it is a hopelessly romantic tale that will capture your heart and stay with you long after you have read it. Readers weary of starting a novel in the middle of series should not fear starting with A GENTLEMAN SAYS ‘I DO' for the novel is easily a stand alone that begins and concludes its focus on our precious couple. There is a slight set up for Iverson's brother, but hardly any great length of this book is spent on it. In fact, if you read it too quickly, you might miss it! The one thing you don't want to miss though is reading this novel. With Amelia Grey's beautiful prose and ability to pen a clever, romantic tale, it is entirely too easy to say that 'I do' love this novel!

Lisa Jo @ The Romance Reviews

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