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Magic's Fiery Embrace by Molly Diamond
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Apr 08, 2012

really liked it
bookshelves: fae, fantasy, gods-godesses, m-f-romance, magic, dragons
Read from April 07 to 08, 2012

Reviewed on Hearts On Fire...

As a fan of fantasy, I found this book to be a very good start to what may be a great series. Ember is the eldest of the Daughters of Trinity and the favorite of the goddess Freya. Always the strong willed and more defiant of the fae triplets, Ember is chosen by Freya to undertake a quest to find and destroy the Thorn of Ebon. Freya has an entirely different secret agenda for the princess knowing that Ember thinks more with her vagina than with her brain at times. The quest begins with Ember, her Aunt, the Lady Evanesce of the Mist Valley Elves, Sir Hestbone who represents the dwarves, Kaedric the representative of the northern mortals, her brother Prince Beron and Sarenkesh of the Gloaming Elves who already has our heroine itching, heading south. Freya has gifted Ember with a unique unicorn steed and a magical gift but the magic has not manifested itself yet. There is an assassination attempt on Ember's life the first night which is foiled but shows that the quest is not as secret as the group had hoped. The questers are attacked once again by a large force headed by a being wearing a horned helmet but Ember's gift of fire comes to life because and she barbeques the warriors. The princess soon discovers that her gift is triggered by strong emotions when she almost cooks Sarenkesh as she is having an orgasm which leads her to believe that she will never have another lover. Lady Evanesce breaks away from the group and heads home to warn her people of the danger as the rest of the group head toward the city of Galen where they are greeted by the mortal King Zeadren. The King informs the questers that his people are rapidly leaving Galen to live in Hellembr where they are promised safety and power. It seems that Hellembr controls the Thorn of Ebon as the city of Galen is attacked and pretty much destroyed by a mighty black dragon which Ember is able to fight off. It is through the shape shifting dragon, Drakyrr, that Ember learns of Freya's deception. I was quickly drawn into this engaging story and caught up in the plot. Ms Diamond wove both humor and intrigue into the well written story. I couldn't help but laugh at Sir Hestbone's foul pony and the verbal abuse heaped upon it by both Hestbone and the others. The flying fuck between the always horny Ember and Drakyrr was humorous in its absurdity even though it almost killed our heroine. I found the angst felt by Sarenkesh and Ember over their inability to
culminate their love to get a little tiring as it added little to the story. The characters of the various questers were well developed and most were easily likable. I do hope that Beron and his gift as a seer are expanded on and that Ms Diamond does give him his own book with a possible m/m theme. I eagerly await the release book two of this fantasy saga and hope that the other two Sisters of Trinity think a bit more with their brains. I recommend this book to any fan of good fantasy adventure.

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