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Crescendo by Becca Fitzpatrick
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Jun 07, 12

did not like it
bookshelves: big-romance, dark, love-geometry, mystery, paranormal, plot-twist, your-love-is-stupid, horibble-protag
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Listening to Tears in Heaven while I write this review, because I think I'm hilarious.

Verdict: Still bad. But I think I might have found it easier to read than the first one.

The Good-ish: Everyone hates Vee, and I agree that she's a very selfish friend. But, for me, she often functions as the voice of truth in the story. Telling it like it is. Exhibit A:

"I hate this kind of food," I said, feeling grease seep through the wax-paper-wrapped hot dog onto my hand. "It's unhealthy."

"So's a relationship with Patch, but that didn't stop you."


(Kind of) related is the trend I noticed of Nora's self-consciousness. Or maybe the author was being self-conscious. Either way, there was a lot of noting that Patch was a controlling boyfriend. But maybe that makes it even worse... admitting that the behavior is overly controlling, but not thinking it's important enough to end the relationship over.

Oh ho ho ho. But it did. The relationship ended, I mean. And I know it's hardly original to compare this to Twilight, but come on. First book they meet-cute (or meet-creepy) and find love, second book the couple splits? But at least Nora didn't indulge in suicidal behavior to see hallucinations that would worry any psychiatrist. (view spoiler)

Patch has seemingly moved on to Marcie Millar, of all people, and the reason I classified this plot as "good" is that it actually pissed me off. Even though I knew that he still "loved" Nora in his creepy, Patch-like way.

There is a new character named Scott, a childhood friend of Nora. For the first half of the book I found him annoying and poorly written... but then he started reminded me of Tom Mackee. I AM SO SORRY. I know I should not bring Marchetta into this. This book is not worthy. But suddenly Scott got all alcoholic and self-deprecating and hiding his inner pain, and I couldn't help it! So, yeah. He got to me.

The mystery plot takes off very early in the book, especially for a paranormal romance. And it kept me guessing until the very end. Sadly, I figured out the plot twist 4 or 5 pages before it was revealed. So close, Fitzpatrick! You were so close to surprising me!

THE BAD: I don't have enough time to deconstruct all the awful things about Nora and Patch's relationship or the dynamics thereof. Nor do I have the energy, actually. But it was better here (mostly because they were broken up).

But MAN was Nora ten times stupider in this book, or what? Here are some fun examples:

1. She keeps trying to make Patch jealous using Scott, but really and truly sucks at it. Like, at one point Patch comes into her room at night and scares her, so she tries to attack him. When she realizes it was him, she tries to make him jealous by saying she thought he was Scott. Because apparently you normally try to kill the guy answering your booty calls...?

2. Okay, I can't even think about this without cracking up laughing... Nora is in a car chase. Someone is trying to kill her and is pursuing her. She decides to live on the edge and drive 5 miles over the speed limit. YOU'RE KILLING ME. I drive five over on a daily basis. I never realized what a BAMF I was!

3. Scott is pretty much an alcoholic. When she is snooping around in his room at one point, Nora finds a marijuana plant under his bed. She thinks to herself that Scott is probably selling it since he's desperate for cash, because she just can't picture him smoking pot. Apparently him being an alcoholic is one thing, but indulging in weed is completely different! Sigh.

4. OMG THIS ONE IS BAD. She is being pursued (again) by someone who is physically threatening her. She is without her cell phone and goes into a public restroom. There are lots of girls there who would definitely have phones, but instead of borrowing one to call the cops, she climbs out of a window and runs away. NORA WHAT R U DOING.

A few other things.

The plot was really, really forced at times. The author clearly wanted Scott and Nora to make plans to hang out, but the way she got Nora to agree to it was just ridiculous. She makes it clear she has no interest in spending time with him. He calls her boring, so she challenges him to think of something he'd like to do that he thinks she's too chicken to go for. And then of course has to agree to do it. Again, sigh.

This ends with a huge cliffhanger. Which is annoying because the final scene was seeming pretty decent and I was enjoying it, but then it got ruined by the obnoxious CLIFFHANGER.

And, of course, the villain goes off on some pretty intense and informative soliloquies, but what can you do.
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Leyoh Don't get your hopes up for Crescendo....

message 2: by Erin (new) - rated it 1 star

Erin Don't worry Leyoh, I have probably the lowest expectations possible!

message 3: by Sarai (new)

Sarai I have a feeling I would need a lot of alcohol to get through this one.

Wendy Darling I think if you did spend the time to deconstruct all the awful things about that relationship, your review would be as long as the book, hah.

message 5: by Erin (new) - rated it 1 star

Erin Sarai- Your time would definitely be better spent on a book you can handle sober! ;)

Wendy- I know. That's basically why I didn't go over it at all... that and every other reviewer has already said all there is to say!

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