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Fall For You by Cecilia Gray
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Apr 06, 2012

it was ok
Read on April 06, 2012

2.5 stars - Not my favorite modernization of Pride and Prejudice but still not a bad book. It was cute and fun to read. However, I didn't like Lizzie as much as I loved Elizabeth Bennett. Elizabeth had made her fair share of prejudices and assumptions, but she was a charming character. In this book, Lizzie was kind of an annoying, sometimes mean, nosy "journalist." I say that in quotes because I hate it when authors write these stereotypical "investigative journalists" when that's not what it's really like. But overall, Lizzie just wasn't as charming as other modernized version of Elizabeth Bennetts I have read about.

I will give Gray props for trying to make the book stand out a bit by adding some other components to it - trouble with her best friend, an nemesis who isn't too bad, a mystery being the new school owners and the effort to stop them from changing the school's name. However, I felt Gray would have made them a bit more effective if she had developed those things a little more.

The whole thing with Ellie was like a sidebar. Yes, we don't want to give it the main focus, but at the same time, it was just a little weird thrown in there. Still, I know Gray was trying to set up something for book 2.

And there were a bunch of other questions that I had: why did Rick's mother like Lizzie so much (invitation to the party, asking her to sit by her at the meal)? It's not hard to guess early on who the new owners there, and it's explained later why they bought the school. But Gray didn't explain why they wanted to change the name of the school. Yes, the new owners have discretion, and yes, I'm sure Bergie has something to do with it, but what is it? For something that has such a huge part in the story, it's kind of left vague.

Not a bad read. I liked it enough. But compared to other modernizations to the classic, I don't think it really compares. Add another 50-100 pages to make a better developed story though, and Gray could easily have a really good book.
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