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Superman, Volume 1 by George Pérez
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Apr 06, 2012

it was ok
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Read in February, 2012

Last August, when the New 52 was right on the horizon, one of the titles I was most excited for was Superman. I'm not sure why I was excited for this one, and not Action Comics, maybe it was the cover to this one was more appealing or something, I don't know. Anyways, it's a decision I came to regret.

This volume starts off with an absolutely fantastic first issue. It worked as a near perfect introduction to the character for new readers, with Superman in an epic fight with this crazy alien demon, then drawing it down into a somewhat depressing conclusion involving Clark Kent and his love for Lois. The first issue is worth checking out, if you can find a back issue, or a digital copy. Everything after that is total shit. It launches into this ridiculous alien possession story that's just all over the place, and doesn't make much sense. To keep Superman up with the times, they added in this really lame side-plot where the Daily Planet is switching from print to digital, which I assume was intended to be a commentary on the print vs. digital debate in comics. Whatever it was, it didn't work, and this work as a whole appears to have been written by a twelve year old boy, or maybe a struggling writer who read Superman's Wikipedia article, and decided that was all the education needed to write a story about the Man of Steel. I read through all six issues, and each one was more of a bore than the one before it. Although the creative team behind this disaster stepped down, and a new story started in issue seven, this just left a bad taste in my mouth, and I have since switched over to Morrison/Morales' far superior Action Comics.

There's one bit of praise I can give this series, and it's something very small. When Jesus Merino was on art duty (I think there was at least one issue in this where he wasn't), they did this cool thing, where everyone with black hair has a tint of blue shading. I've seen that a lot in comics from the 80's, and for some reason I've always loved that uniquely comic book look it gives characters.

So there you go, when the best bit of praise I can give a comic is the character's hair color, you should probably steer clear of it. If you're looking for a cool modern take on Superman, check out Action Comics.

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