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Bunny Drop, Vol. 1 by Yumi Unita
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** spoiler alert ** Daikichi, a 30 year old bachelor, takes time off from work to attend his grandfather’s funeral. The family is shocked to learn that grandpa has had a six-year-old child, Rin, out of wedlock with a mysterious woman who doesn’t appear to be in the picture or the child’s life at all. Tempers flare as they debate what to *do* about Rin, and Daikichi surprises everyone – including himself – by stepping in to become the girl’s guardian. Accustomed to living on his own, Daikichi isn’t what you would call a “father figure,” but he and Rin really take to each other. Everything in his life, however, begins to change with the addition of this new little person – his work schedule, his position, and the way he structures his time. Rin makes him really think about everything he does, and reevaluate the way he’s living his life (he quits smoking, working late, rearranges his house, is careful with what he watches on TV). Rin has to make some adjustments, too – learning to trust Daikichi and overcoming her fears that everyone in her life is going to leave her behind.

This is a very touching story – Daikichi has hidden depths and is unexpectedly sweet and understanding with Rin (even if he’s stressed out and impatient about/with everything/everyone else. Humorous, but sweet, too – I’m really enjoying this manga series.
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