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Uprising by Justin Kemppainen
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Apr 06, 2012

liked it
Read in January, 2011

3.5 stars really.

I'm an avid sci-fi and fantasy reader, thus this book appealed to me greatly, because of the genre, as well as the pricing of well... zero.

I went into this knowing this was the first novel from this author, and had set the bar very low.

The author leaped over my bar with ease, which is very positive of course. I shall outline what I felt was good about this story, and what I feel, requires some improvement.

The action scenes to me, were very well described. I do like in-depth descriptions, I like to be able to visualise everything using the author's imagination and words, not having to fill in the blanks using my own imagination.

The story in itself, the premise of the book, was also something that appealed to me and did not disappoint. I very much enjoy Dystopian books and thought this was nicely executed.

The pacing; The book progressed very well, it did not get boring or incredibly long-winded (even though I don't really object to verbose or long-winded books).

Now, the things I wasn't too excited about.

I would like to like the characters more. Kaylee did not appeal to me at all, while I feel she should have considering she was a main character. I would have liked to see some more depth. However! This was not a general flaw as I grew very fond of other characters in the story, but something about Kaylee just didn't sit well with me, there was no sympathy for her whatsoever.

Predictability. I did know quite early on how the story would end, there was no real sense of urgency. I also felt that the things that I think were supposed to be somewhat of a 'mystery' were never a mystery to me at all, I saw it coming from miles away.

Lastly, my pet peeve, and I do apologise beforehand as every review is of course subjective. But I always notice the repetition of words in (what I consider), too short a space. It irks me. But! I do read many well established authors who make the same 'error'. I know not everyone notices or even cares, but this is just a very personal annoyance. However, it did not impede too much on my reading experience.

Overall, an enjoyable read!

Oh, and a little note. The editing issues that some other reviews speak of, have been sorted out now and are no longer an issue.

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