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Touch by Jus Accardo
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Mar 23, 2013

it was amazing
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Read on March 23, 2013

Wow. I freaking love this book. Like.. in love with it. Tiffany told me I should read it a while back and I should have listened to her. Although.. this means I do not have to wait for the sequel like she did. muahaha.

The characters, the plot, the ROMANCE, OH MY GOD, THE ROMANCE. My heart actually pitter-pattered in a scene or two. The romance was so sweet. But at the same time, it was so... HOT. whew.
I love it.

The story, itself, was spot on. Epic bad guys? You know how much I adore those. Bad ass Paranormal abilities out the wazoo. Sold<3. Strong characters with distinct and endearing personalities. Um, this book was written specifically for me [and Tiffany. don't want to piss her off. ;) after all, she read it first!] It felt like it was a little confined to a block of town, though. I wonder how they avoided being caught in some of those situations, but I forgive. I did have a problem with one element in the story, but I believe that was mainly due to sleep deprivations and the last 3 books I have read. Looking back on the book, I believe it was just what the author needed to keep the book moving along. If the book, does not piss you off at some point, then you will not have moments at the end where you look back and it clicks. One aspect was a tad bit outlandish, but I forgive! I felt I had to mention (vaguely. lol) some small things that may have bothered me so you would not take my adoring rant to mean the book has no faults whatsoever. Since I have mentioned them (again, vaguely) I can now move on to elaborate on what I loved. :D

Dez. Absolutely love this character. She is one of my favorite book heroines of all time. She is so Snarky, Sarcastic, Bad-ass, Hot, and just everything I love in a female lead. She is by no means perfect, however. But the girl has a good head on her shoulders. She is always looking to piss people off. It entertains her. I, for one, love this quality since that is how I roll with my family. Oh, they love it. ;)

Kale- I love this boy. There are just no words to describe how endearing this character is to me. He made me laugh. He made me smile. He made me blush. He made me sad. He is just such a sweetheart. He is flawed and he is so different from the male lead characters we see in so many books nowadays. It is refreshing and it has me completely infatuated with him. We would all be so lucky to find someone as genuine as this boy.

Brandt- Um. This kid is awesome. haha. That is all. I love the relationship he had with his cousin, Dez. It reminds me of the friendship I used to have with my sister. You know, you fight because you are family, but you are still best friends.

The Father- EPIC BAD GUY! :D Cold. Harsh. Unfeeling. Muahaha.

Let me circle back again to the romance....... That is all.

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53.0% "I was sailing along and loving this book. No really. it is 5am right now. I was in love with this book and showing a complete disregard for sleep or tomorrow. I love Dez. she is a badass character with flaws, yeah, but an amazing personality and SO. MUCH. CNARK! <3<3<3 Like i said... I was falling even more into the plot... and WHAM. DEAD COLD STOP. I was falling in Love with Kale. I mean he was so effing cute"
53.0% "Innocent and I just wated him all to myself.. then....WHAMMO EXPLOSION. are you fucking kidding me. ANOTHER EFFING LOVE TRIANGLE. Not every woman has to be the most irresistable thing ever in order to make the story interesting. There does not have to be 2 guys vying for her attention. What ever happened to straightforward one guy- one gal love stories. It pisses me off when every story I read has a triangle, because"
53.0% "I feel like it cheapens the "Love" that the two people are supposed to feel. Obvipously if she was torn between 2 guys, then her love for you was not "enough" if she has to question who she wants more, then you are not undeniable the love of her life or her soulmate. It just severely dampens it for me. The problem with this? There are so many amazing stories out there and amazing works... but you will be hard-"
53.0% "Pressed to find one without multiple love interests. I mean, some amazing and poetc.. jus... kick-ass books that could have been my all-time favorite... but that damn love triange. I have to deal with it though. all the time. because everyone wants to write a trilogy and in order to do so, they throw another man in to make the books last longer. I love some of these stories. The only reason I am freaking out and"
53.0% "writing my notes in a status update is because I love tis book. I really really do. but If i have to sit through 3 books with a love hate relationship for the auhtor I am going to drive myself nuts. I mean, the story is amazing and the chemistry bewteen Kale and Dez is lovely. I mean, it is so..... right and sweet. The book, itself..... *sigh* but I just can't.... ugh. I am going to bed. it is 5am and I am driving my"
70.0% "well, I obvioulsy overreacted last night to the alledged triangle. I was upset because the last 3 books i read had love triangles adn it was too much. I am back to being in LOVE with this book. " 1 comment

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