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Paging Dr. Daddy by Teresa Southwick
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Jul 22, 12

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Read from July 15 to 21, 2012

WARNING: Review contains some gifs and spoilers

My previous 2 Harlequin reads have been oldies from the 70s with the typical cold alpha rat-bastard and naive innocent, so just a quick glance at the covers -

The Wilder Family: Healing hearts in Walnut River
Life, Love & Family

Oh, FFS. I was prepared for a rough ride - and having to brush my teeth at the end of every chapter.

So let's start:
Courtney Albright has had a Hard Life™. Abandoned by her mother as a child, raised by a drunk father, knocked up by a guy who married her but then immediately escaped as soon as he could by joining the Army and then dying in Iraq. She has to deal with that "hero" image everyone Stateside has of him even though he was a complete scumbag and philanderer. So, a widow and pregnant, she's left on her own in Walnut River (her husband's hometown) but her in-laws won't have anything to do with her because they knew their son was a good-for-nothing so ergo, any woman having anything to do with him was no-account, too. So, Poor Courtney - scraping by running the gift shop in the local hospital, raising her daughter alone, and taking online classes. (No doubt a highly respected University of Phoenix degree.)

Life vs. Courtney:
[image error]

So, are you on Courtney's side yet? If not, then you – yes, YOU - are a Heartless Bastard.

So on top of this Hard Life™, Courtney has a lone-car accident on an icy road, and her 6-year-old daughter Jane's face gets smooshed in. Now Courtney has Guilt, because she just wanted to take her daughter out for a special breakfast to celebrate Janey getting Student of the Year honors or somesuch. It was supposed to be a Special Treat, because she never has enough money to eat out. Now she has a broken arm, her daughter may be disfigured for life, and she has no car with no money to buy another one.

But the Wilder Family who runs the hospital loves their employees like a family, so Courtney's dilemma is on their radar. Good thing their brother David, a cosmetic surgeon out in L.A. just happened to be at a conference in the area and could drop in and work his magic!

Dr. David:

Oh, wait...

David's a prodigal son who had his own issues with his dad, but now lives the soulless, empty life out in L.A. giving facelifts to the stars. Can these 2 damaged people find LURVE?

Since Courtney hasn't had any since she was impregnated with Janey (that rat-bastard husband of hers wouldn't touch her after he found out she was pregnant) and she's been too busy playing Supermom to look elsewhere, after 7 years of

[image error]'s one glance and thoughts of "Dr. Hottie" rocking his lab coat, gazing at tight buns encased in designer jeans, blah blah blah.

But guess what. Sweet adorable little Janey and her smoking hot Mom will exactly fill the hole in Dr. David's heart, and you, Dear Reader, can fill in the rest from there.

Some Thoughts:
After Carole Mortimer's adverbial diarrhea and seeing that regular abuse while flipping through other Harleys, I thought that was a standard requirement. Southwick doesn't use them. So, yay!
We were treated to passages including "How are you?" "I'm fine." No. Just.... NO. And supposedly witty dialogue that was painfully unwitty. Eek. Her use of metaphors was also somewhat cringeworthy.

Since I haven't read many hardly any contemporary romances, the sex scene with condoms made me double-take. Considering my romance tastes are strictly historical and my only Harley reads were written in the public-health-awareness-free 1970s, it was a rather odd note. This was my first book with a condom sex scene, actually. Go me!

Some of the moments were just a little too precious - OK, I expected that. But the touching scene of Dr. David explaining to poor Janey that the damage to one side of her face was so much that he wouldn't be able to repair it enough so she could get her matching dimples back? OMG, disfigured for life! LIFE!!!

But the gag-worthy majority of this book was bearable by the unintentional hilarity of Courtney's Endless Pity Party:

Growing up she'd carried the label of the town drunk's daughter. She'd get glances that held everything from pity to distaste, as if she was not good enough, as if the disgrace of her family background was contagious or would rub off. It was a good thing she'd had school and work to keep her busy or she'd have had a lot of time to feel sorry for herself because no one would let their kids be her friend.

"My father was drinking himself to death and I stayed because he was family and I was obligated."

She hated happy because it didn't last and you somehow felt worse when it was gone.

If something looked too good to be true, Courtney had learned that it usually was. No one in her world had ever done something without expecting a return on the investment.

But Dr. Hawtness is fixing Janey's face gratis, honey. You won't even have to shell out a co-pay. Of course, he'll get something out of it. A family.

D'awwwwwww .......

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Reading Progress

07/15/2012 page 19
9.0% "Dr. McDreamy:
He was an idiot. An idiot who made assumptions. An idiot who felt himself being sucked in by big brown eyes and a pair of dimples that wouldn't quit.

This is gonna be a loooong read. Not ready to throw in the towel yet." 8 comments
07/15/2012 page 27
13.0% "When he looked at Courtney's mouth, his wish that he were on a plane to anywhere took hold. Her lips took up forty-five percent of her face--a slight exaggeration, but if she didn't have the sexiest mouth he'd ever seen, he'd turn in his forceps and start making house calls.
45%? Like this?

07/18/2012 page 84
39.0% "These lines are just killing me:
"When he straightened, she felt a twinge of disappointment because the man had a fine backside and she'd had a spectacular view."" 3 comments

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message 1: by Misfit (new)

Misfit Paging Dr. Daddy?

message 3: by Sarah (new)

Sarah ...Methinks there's a reason this one was left behind. I just got diabetes from the cover alone.

Could these two opposites accept a new

Okay, now I'm diabetic AND barfing in my mouth. :P

Kerrie But, you HAVE to admit... it will be abundant fodder for AMPLE snark. >:D

message 5: by Misfit (new)

Misfit Absolutely.

message 6: by Sarah (new)

Sarah I can't deny that. >:)

message 7: by Rachel (BAVR) (new)

Rachel (BAVR) I'm so excited for the reading updates and review on this one. "Paging Dr. Daddy," indeed! :D

message 8: by Sarah (new)

Sarah Rachel (BAVR) wrote: "I'm so excited for the reading updates and review on this one. "Paging Dr. Daddy," indeed! :D"

Ditto. >:)

message 9: by Rachel (BAVR) (new)

Rachel (BAVR) Condom inclusion is all the rage in contemporaries. It's considered irresponsible for authors to glaze over safe-sex these days, and I can understand the reasoning. That said, some are better at writing it in than others. >:D It can really take me out of a scene if the H/h stop and discuss previous partners and their last STD tests - all before an excruciatingly detailed scene of how H puts on the condom, of course.

Now that I'm done with my PSA ...

Brilliant review, Kerrie! I laughed so hard when you described the kid's face as being "smooshed in." If that makes me a bad person, so be it. :D

message 10: by Willow (new)

Willow LOL This sounds like an episode of Dr. Kildare. Great review!

message 11: by Kerrie (last edited Jul 22, 2012 09:55AM) (new) - rated it 2 stars

Kerrie Rachel (BAVR) wrote: "Condom inclusion is all the rage in contemporaries. It's considered irresponsible for authors to glaze over safe-sex these days, and I can understand the reasoning."

Oh, I totally agree. But considering my usual romance reads always have that plot convenience of heroines being magically invulnerable to pregnancy (unless by the hero, never by villain or gang-rape) and never catching the clap, or heroes that have had impotency-inducing fevers in childhood (my current read, Until You) it felt odd. :D

Oh, and I hated that kid. If I find that I have a cavity on my next dentist visit, I'm placing the blame squarely on this book.

message 12: by Willow (new)

Willow I think it’s kind of silly that romances have to include condoms these days. After all, these books are supposed to be fantasy. Why do I need safe sex in my fantasy. It’s not like I’m going to be reading one of these books and immediately run out and have unprotected sex or something.OMG She's out of control!

Kerrie And I was thinking if authors are considered irresponsible having unsafe sex depicted, why can't they get on board with not depicting dark, dangerous and abusive men as an OK thing. That's not very responsible now, is it? :D

message 14: by Willow (new)

Willow Noooo please… I don’t want responsible romances. That sounds so boring. lol

message 15: by Rachel (BAVR) (new)

Rachel (BAVR) Kerrie wrote: "And I was thinking if authors are considered irresponsible having unsafe sex depicted, why can't they get on board with not depicting dark, dangerous and abusive men as an OK thing. That's not very..."

Bwahahaha! Can you imagine if this became the trend du jour? More than half of romance authors would come to a complete stand-still, I think, and then they'd just spontaneously combust. :D

It's much easier to include a throwaway "He reached for the condom, put it on, and thrust into her" line than to actually reevaluate they way they characterize their heroes.

I'll have to look for an article I read about a year ago by some lady bitching about the lack of safe sex in romance. I thought, "The women in these book consistently have multiple orgasms and fall in love with complete asshats, and the only thing that stands out as missing to you is CONDOMS?" >:D

message 16: by Karla (new)

Karla LMAO at that article. Yeah, I'm willing to forego the cliche condom stuff for stuff like original plots. :-P

GREAT review, Sis!

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