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Mrs. Kennedy and Me by Clint Hill
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Apr 08, 2012

it was amazing
Read from April 05 to 07, 2012

I devoured this book. I read The Kennedy Detail and was looking forward to Mr. Hill's account of his service during the Kennedy years. Mr. Hill was Jacqueline Kennedy's Secret Service agent. It was a very straightforward, first hand account. I loved the detail and Mr. Hill's honest account of the depression and guilt he experienced. Mr. Hill is the Secret Service agent seen in the Zapruder film scrambling onto the back of the presidential limo to get to JFK and the first lady. It will be hard now to see the footage from Dallas and not remember Mr. Hill's description of what he saw and what he was feeling.

I always appreciate a first hand account of someone who was actually there and knew the people involved. I'm so glad Mr. Hill decided to write this book after years of saying he would not share his story. I think that the fact that he waited 50 years after the events occurred and didn't fill it with a salacious details that might sell more books, lends credibility to the story he is sharing. So if scandal and gossip is what you are looking for in this account, this isn't the book for you. There are plenty of those books out there and yes, I've probably read many of them. This one is different.

The book is very touching yet not overly sentimental. It was an unlikely close friendship between a no nonsense agent and a willful, free spirited, soft spoken First Lady.

Fabulous book by Clint Hill and his co-author Lisa McCubbin. I definitely recommend this book. Once I downloaded it, I could not put it down.
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message 1: by Brian (new)

Brian David Mr. Hill claims in his book that he removed his suit jacket and covered Mrs. Kennedy's face before entering Parkland Hospital. Ambulance driver Al Rike stood less than 10 feet from the entrance of the Parkland emergency ward doors when the stretchers rolled by him. Al Rike emphatically and officially stated several times that he did not observe any Secret Service Agent with their jacket off and their white shirt and gun holster exposed during the entire time he participated in the events on November 22nd 1963.


Dr. Robert McClelland MD assisted in the emergency surgery procedures and officially stated he did not see any Secret Service agent with their suit jacket removed with their white and gun holster exposed. Has Clinton Hill lied for nearly 50 years?

The only Secret Service agents who removed their suit jackets were the individuals who criminally washed and scrubbed down the JFK limousine as it was parked in front of the hospital emergency ward. Mr. Hill was not one of those Secret Service agents because he was inside the emergency ward with his suit jacket fully on his body.

Had Mr. Hill taken off his jacket and then place it back on his body, his hands would have covered in blood. Rike and and McClelland stated they did not see any Secret Service agent with blood on their hands. McClelland was in Trauma Room One when Jackie and Mr. Hill stood by the dead body.

More details at http://mygodimhit.com/ - click on links to view in depth documentary about the Kennedy incident on Elm Street and the involvement of Clinton Hill and the First Lady in blatant cover-ups and lies

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