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The Immortal Rules by Julie Kagawa
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Apr 05, 2012

really liked it
Read from April 15 to 22, 2012

Allison Sekemoto live in the Fringe, the outskirts of New Covington, struggling to survive with a group of Unregistereds like herself, Stick, Rat and Lucas.  The Unregistereds dont exist and are not allowed food rations, having to scrounge and scavange food for themselves and avoiding vampires at all costs.  The vampires are in charge and have no qualms about showing their authority to humans who make a mistake, by public hangings.  After a hunt for food goes wrong and Allies friends are lost to the Rabids and suffering an attack herself, Kanin finds her and gives her the option to die, or be saved.  Choosing to be saved Allie is changed into a vampire and we get to see how she adjusts to her new life and what happens when their peaceful existence is shattered.

I loved Julie's Iron Fey series and have been looking forward to reading The Immortal Rules since I first herd about it.  I was slightly worried that it would not live up to her previous work, but I need not have worried.  I thoroughly enjoyed The Immortal Rules from the beginning, and found it just got better and better the further I got into it.

I really liked the first hand experience of how the world changes in Allie's eyes, and it felt like I was on a long journey alongside her to escape the vampires hunting her.  I thought it was convenient for Allie to stumble upon a group of travellers that only travel through the night and allow her to join their group, but it worked well with the story and I love the large variety of personalities in the group.
I loved Zeke from the moment he was introduced and I loved watching the tentative friendship develop between him and Allie, and even though there are a few obstacles to climb and prejudices to get over, I really admired Allie for jumping straight in to rescue the group, even after she is outed as a vampire and evicted from the group.  

Allie, human and vampire, is a great character.  She is true to herself throughout the book and constantly thinks of others before herself, even going as far to sacrifice her own food supply to feed her friends.  She is a fighter and knows what she wants and nothing will stand in her way of stopping this.  We get to see her fight stronger and older vampires than herself for the sake of saving the human lives and through thick and thin she is always there to help.
Although the ending was unexpected I loved it and I really need to read the next book now to find out if Allie finally finds what she is looking for.

In my eyes Julie Kagawa has wrote another hit book and The Immortal Rules will proudly stand next to my small collection of books that I would happily re-read.  Now all I have to do is wait till next year to find out what happens next.
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