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The Birth of Venus by Sarah Dunant
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Aug 20, 08

did not like it
bookshelves: wall-banger, abandoned

I enjoyed her other book In The Company of A Courtesan, but this one I gave up around page 100. I found nothing to interest me, no chemistry between the two main characters, I couldn't find anyone or anything to care about and if I want to read about a serial killer run loose I will pick up the next Ann Rule book.
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Barb Misfit, I'm so surprised that you gave up on this one, especially because you are a Herculean reader1

This was the book that started my love for historical fiction. It was a book club choice and I really wasn't excited about it at first but I love love loved it by the end.

You missed the Bonfire of the Vanities and the crazy monks...it was all so good and seemingly right up your alley.

Misfit Hi Barb, sorry I may have missed a good finish. For some reason I could not get into this one, I just did not care for the main characters.

Such is life, everyone I know is going gaga over Mistress of the Sun and I wall banged it :-)

Hope you enjoyed Dunnett and will finish the series. Hard to get into but worth the effort!

Barb I started the first book in the Lymond Chronicles and got as far as when Lymond comes home and had to set it down. I picked it up again yesterday, and set it down again. I'm not sure I can work that hard for a good story, Dunnett is such a smartypants with SO many historical, poetic and artistic references and Latin thrown in as well.
I might not be smart enough to read and enjoy this series right now, I might have to go back to school and finish a PhD before picking it up again, I'm not sure...I haven't put it back on the shelf yet, so we'll see.

Right now I'm reading A Catch of Consequences by Diane Norman and hoping to love it of course!

I'm glad to see you so busy on this website. I really like it as well.
Happy Reading!

Misfit Dunnett is not easy to get into, and it's not for ligh minded reading. I had an easier time than most as she's very similar to Dumas who I've read quite a bit of.

It sat on my TBR pile for almost two years as I was so terrified to start them. She drops a lot of the latin and other smartypants (love that BTW!!) stuff in the later books. From what I understand a lot of that is just jokes so I just ignored it and stuck with the story.

I liked A Catch of Consequence, really a good spunky heroine. The sequel kind of fell apart for me, but then I was on jury duty and very few books survived well during that period :0

Barb Good to know even you ignored some things in Lymond Chronicles :0)

I didn't know there was a sequel to Catch of Consequences...what is it?

Misfit IT's a trilogy, the next two are Taking Liberties and The Sparks Fly Upward. I've never read the last one.

If you want another place to talk books and all things historical, check this out, http://www.historicalfictiononline.co...

Barb Thanks for the trilogy info, I had seen the other novels by Diane Normon but didn't realize they were in connected.

Thanks too for the web address...

message 8: by Tracey (new)

Tracey I got to about page 60 on this book and found that I really didn't want to hear about paintings again, does it kind of pick up at bit, or nothing much going on?

Misfit I gave up around 150 or so, but Barb loved it. Let's see if she chimes in shall we?

message 10: by Nadine (new) - added it

Nadine Amazon has this for $2.99 on Kindle, I was toying with the idea of buying it, until I came on here and read your review. I will still give the book a chance, but will borrow it from my library, rather than buy it. I just hate paying for something that I may not finish reading (and I've got several books in my Kindle "did not finish" file, lol)

Misfit Library only, but I seem to be in the minority on this one.

message 12: by Orsolya (new)

Orsolya You aren't alone. I couldn't finish this, either.

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