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Mission to Tibet by Ippolito Desideri
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04/04/2012 page 72
04/04/2012 page 72
8.0% "Ipollito returns to Rome after being kicked out of Tibet by a rival order of Cappuchins."
04/21/2012 page 128
14.0% "Finally I've gotten to actual writing of Desideri. He gives a vivid and moving account of meeting Pope Clement. And starts his journey by ship, stalked for days by Turkish pirates. He tells of the ceremonies the sailors undertake when crossing the equator, and the dangers of ship water storage on ones health"
07/26/2012 page 175
19.0% "Beautiful and tragic. Desideri makes it to Tibet, and is highly favored by the King, and attends a Buddhist University for a number of years, and writes several highly acclaimed books in Tibetan. Then the king is murdered and the Capuchin missionaries come. Desideri begins his long trip back to Rome"
07/27/2012 page 191
21.0% "This is where he starts describing the country of Tibet, its people, culture, etc. This chapter was about the Fertility and Climate; Desideri writes about plants, geology, the process of finding gold, and other things."
07/31/2012 page 216
24.0% "After reading several chapters of Desideri describing the economy, people, infrastructure, culture, geography, etc, etc, we get to his account of the history of contemporary Tibet. The Dali Lana of the day was a pretty rowdy, drunken, and lustful man, who was eventually killed by Gengis Khan. The major Buddhist universities and temples plot a violent rebellion in revenge. Genghis and his son skillfully evade it"
07/31/2012 page 216
24.0% "The Tibetian Buddhist plot revenge along with the Tartars. When the Khan was dethroned the Tartars ravaged Tibet and its people unmercifully and with unrivaled cruelty"
07/31/2012 page 243
27.0% "Targum Tashi, Khans minister of ???, the sole survivor of Khans court escapes to the border of Tatar where he commands a small force. They effectively close the border, and the Tartar, Tsering Dondrup thinks he hasn't received reinforcements because he hasn't sent the bounty, which he sends and Tashi captures it saving it for return to Lhasa"
07/31/2012 page 252
28.0% "With History finished, he moves on to describing the current 16th Century government ruled over by the Chinese. He believes that the Tibetans are inclined towards Christianity, and that it will just take the right person whom the Lord would bless to reach them"
08/01/2012 page 252
28.0% "After doing a little research I found out that Desideri's Genghis Khan is a descendent of Genghis, not zgenghis himself. Im not yet sure why he calls him that. Other times he refers to him as Lazang, which is who he is. Perhaps the Tibetans called him that believing he was the reincarnation of Genghis"
08/03/2012 page 279
31.0% "This chapter was on the Tibetan tradition and institution of marriage. In the previous chapters he builds up the character of the people, is highly respectful, hopeful, and portrays a sincere love for them. Here he gets into the nitty gritty of their sin, and it's mainly here that it comes out, since they had a despicable practice of marriage."
08/08/2012 page 306
34.0% "Several chapters where he goes through proofs that the Dalali Lama is not a hoax made by men to trick people. But he is in fact empowered and deceived by Satan sent to enslave people to a false religion"
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Louis Vigo I just realized that the description of the book is not right. Apparently whoever entered the data got the book confused.

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