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A Time to Love by Robert Greenberger
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Aug 20, 08

bookshelves: star-trek
Recommended for: Star Trek series
Read in August, 2005

** spoiler alert ** Several things are going on when the Enterprise gets called to Delta Sigma IV. They were called to celebrate 100 years of Unity there when murders and civil unrest breaks out. The colonists on this world from two rival planets blame the Federation, first in the person of Kyle Riker, who was there when the first murders happened. Will has to hunt his estranged father down (and in doing so reminds himself that most of the Enterprise’s senior staff have father issues.) At the same time he’s missing Deanna and thinking about starting a family with her. Picard is trying to maintain the crumbling government, with the help of an able young diplomat. (Who I am guessing is not going to make it through the next book…) Crusher is trying to find out what’s happening to the people on this planet, medically, while she’s swamped with their injured and thinking over the offer she got to replace the retiring Starfleet Surgeon General. Troi is helping Picard and trying to help the crew’s lousy morale. Geordi is dealing with parts shortages in the fleet through bartering with other starships.

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