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Juliet Immortal by Stacey Jay
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Apr 04, 12

Read in April, 2012

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Honestly, I have mixed feeling about this book. It's a good book, but maybe just not my type of book.

To say the least, Juliet Immortal was disturbing. I most definitely did not imagine Romeo the way Stacey Jay portrayed him. He was twisted and to me, completely evil. I couldn't stand him. Dylan's corpse(whom I also disliked) fit him perfectly. Two who occupied the same corpse. I would also group Gemma in this category. She was crazy at the best, and a maniac/psycho at the worst.

Out of all of them, I guess Juliet would be my favorite character. In the end I did not like any of them, but Juliet was the best. She was, troubled, because of Romeo's betrayal(who wouldn't be). But she seemed the most sane. I guess Ben would fit in with her.

I wasn't particularly interested about Juliet and Ben's love interest. It didn't appeal to me. Oh, but there is one surprise about Ben. I did figure it out since the beginning. If you want a clue, just think f the characters in Shakespeare's play and Ben's name.

Overall, the book was not that appealing to me, but I did receive a copy from Netgalley of Romeo Redeemed, which I will be reading. I want to see what happens with Romeo. Hopefully I'll like it better than Juliet Immortal. Stacey Jay also has the You Are So Undead to Me series. I may read these, but I'm also not a big zombie fan. We'll see. Based on my review, it's up to you if you want to read this book. I won't tell you not to, but I also won't encourage you.

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