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Run Away Home by Elinor Lyon
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Jun 20, 2009

really liked it
bookshelves: fiction, orphaned-and-quasi-orphaned-kids, childrens, novel, reviewed
Recommended for: Abigail & Ginny, girls & women who enjoy good children’s novels, Scotland enthusiasts
Read in January, 1964

This review is from my rereading this book in June 2009, about 45 ½ years after I first read it. I found it on my Goodreads friend Constance’s shelf and only then remembered it at all. Oh, I so wish I’d kept track over the years of all of the books that I’ve read. This one was so great and I know there are many others like it, many that I no longer remember at all. (When I was reminded of it I remembered this one well enough to assign it four stars, which is what I’d assign it now too, so I did get that right, but I didn’t remember it well enough to review it until this rereading.) This finding of a long ago book both makes me happy (I got to enjoy it again) and sad (I lost so many family and personal books growing up and the majority of my read books were always borrowed books and I wish I remembered them all and had some sort of record such as that which we can keep at Goodreads.)

I immediately recognized the illustrations that begin each chapter and remembered the story right away too, but I didn’t remember the exact details of the ending, so it was really fun to read this again.

This book is well written book and it is a wonderful, tame adventure story. There’s an orphan and Scotland and the sea, so much of interest.

It’s about Cathy, who’s spunky, resourceful, somewhat self reliant, clever, altruistic, and good-hearted. I love how she takes matters into her own hands and takes a risk in order to get what she wants so desperately. However, she’s very real, far from perfect; she has a temper, she’ll lie, borrow without permission, and break rules. I love the parts with just Cathy on her own, but enjoyed even more her adventures with Sovra and Ian. The three children together are very appealing.

I did and do understand Cathy’s longing for family. I’m sure at the time I first read it the surname Kennedy held some attraction for me. It must have been shortly after J.F.K.’s assassination and he was the first politician I’d ever had any interest in, especially after his death.

Well, this book is nowhere near as bad as Heidi re food, with that one causing me to crave cheese and bread every time I read it, but this book made me hungry: all that outdoor eating, and it especially made me want bread and butter, so I went out and bought some Earth Balance spread (a vegan margarine that tastes almost exactly like butter) which is something I normally buy only for the November/December holidays.

Goodreads is a wonderful place: I am so grateful to Constance, who allowed me to reconnect with this very worthwhile book. Thank you Constance!

I’m pleased to see that this deserving book is back in print.
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message 1: by CLM (new) - rated it 4 stars

CLM Lisa, this is such an obscure author. How did you come across it? Have you read others in the series?

Lisa Vegan Constance, I don't remember it well enough to rate it but I know I borrowed it from my friend Beth I'm pretty sure in 6th grade. She had a copy. At the time, I though tit was just a single book; I didn't know there were any others and I don't think she knew either. I can ask her if she still has it, now how she got it, but I don't know if she'll remember. She's one of my very good long term avid reader friends who refuses to join Goodreads. :-(

Lisa Vegan If she still has it (probably boxed in one of her parent's many storage rooms) maybe I'll borrow it. What other books are in this series and should I read them/read them first?

Lisa Vegan I meant review it, not rate it. I do remember really liking it but I didn't constantly reread it which I would have if it had felt like a 5 star book to me back then. I used to frequently reread my favorite books. I'm guessing 4 stars, not 3.

message 5: by CLM (new) - rated it 4 stars

CLM I own several of her books but think this is the best. Probably not worth your hunting them down.

Lisa Vegan Thanks Constance. Yes, I'm not short of books to read, that's for sure.

Lisa Vegan I haven't read this in 45 years but I just borrowed it again. Remembering it right away: the story and pictures. Have read the first chapter and even though I have a huge pile of new books to read, I'm (re)reading this next. I can't quite remember what happens so for now it's almost like new.

message 8: by CLM (last edited Jun 20, 2009 09:02PM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

CLM Now you have made me want to reread it. I need to get my own copy now that it is back in print from Fidra Books. I am so glad you enjoyed it! In fact, it was my friend Julie Chuba (also on Goodreads but rarely has time to post) who recommended it to me - it was definitely not in my library growing up.

Lisa Vegan Yes, it was definitely worth the reread. I see now why I liked it so much. I guess the only reason I never reread it was 'cause I never asked my friend to borrow it again. Libraries and bookstores were my main book sources, although my classmates would pass around Nancy Drews and such.

It's a good book. It really held up. I don't think I'd ever have remembered it though if I hadn't see it on your shelves. So, thanks again!

message 10: by Lisa (new) - rated it 4 stars

Lisa Vegan Oh, I can also see why my friend & I never knew it was part of a series. it's works perfectly fine as a stand alone book.

message 11: by CLM (new) - rated it 4 stars

CLM Fidra has republished some other lovely books too:

message 12: by Lisa (new) - rated it 4 stars

Lisa Vegan Oh, Thank you . I think. I just spent a bit of time at their web site. I resisted signing up for their mailing list; I already don't read so many of those I receive. I'll have to look at some of the books later.

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