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The Breakaway by Michelle D. Argyle
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Apr 04, 2012

really liked it

This book had some parrallels to Don’t Breathe a Word as Naomi was in an abusive relationship, had parents that were too preoccupied to notice and in turn had low self-esteem. Unlike, Don’t Breathe a Word, Naomi does not run away but is kidnapped one night when a couple of men think she has seen too much.

In the beginning, Naomi’s kidnapping is hard to read about as she is not treated the best, has to cut her hair and gets locked in a room without food for days. Not all of her captors treat her badly, however, as Jesse tries to protect her and sneaks her food. Her kidnapping ordeal lasts for months but she slowly gets the freedom to roam around the house and develops a relationship with Jesse. I am not sure what it is about all these kidnapping books that cause me to actually like one of the kidnappers but I am going to chalk it down to great writing ability!

I felt bad for Jesse after I learned why he had become one of them. He was brilliant and had an English professor as a father but used some of his brilliance in a bad way and it got him in alot of trouble. He plays a big part in the ending of the story and shows that he can be unselfish and has a conscience.

Naomi’s parents may completely disgusted me! They are very career driven and had spent very little time with Naomi, substituting material things for love. There were times that she thought she would rather be with her kidnappers than go back home which was sad to read.

The ending of this book left me wanting more! I want to know what happens to Jesse and Naomi and what her future holds after such a horrific life experience. Will she ever be able to live normally or to feel normal?

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